Equitana Open Air October 20-22!

Dear United States Mangalarga Marchador Association members,

Save the Dates – October 20-22nd

The association has finalized our presence between Oct 20 and 22nd at Equitana Open Air Festival in Temecula, California. EQUITANA is a world-class equestrian trade show that is coming to the United States this year.

We will be at booth 416, and will have the chance to showcase our breed during the official program in the arena.

We are inviting you to come and participate – with horses, without horses, in the booth, in the audience, with your friends and fellow Mangalarga Marchador owners.

Bringing Horses?

The USMMA will need to confirm a number of stalls with Equitana Open Air soon. The following members have shown interest in participating with their horses:

• Susan and Holm Neumann, Cascade Mounted Archery, OR, will come and bring their Mounted Archery riders and horses

•Sandy Dory, Sublime Mangalarga Marchadors, AB, will bring some of her horses

• Rick Schatz, Flying Oaks Ranch, OK, will bring some horses. • Ken Hanson will bring his horse.

• Jake Martinez and Theresa Longo will bring some horses from Rancho de Los Cielos, CA

• Jeff and Michelle Bosley, SW Future Foal @ Rio Verde, AZ, will bring horses from their farm

• Alessandra Deerinck, Human Horse Sensing, CA, will bring her horse

• Susann Gabriel, Dreamcatcher Ranch, CA, said her horses may be able to come to the event to show how MM can jump.

Anyone else who would like to join us in bringing horses is going to have to communicate it to me as soon as possible, on or before June 30th 2017, so I can add them to our group and add stalls to the list.

What’s Next?

During the month of July we will have a meeting with all the interested parties to finalize our role at the event. During the meeting I will also talk about how we will organize the booth and the barn, and would love to appoint some of you (anyone can ask for this position!) in charge of supervising the booth and the barn area, and helping me with the movie, and the printed items for the event (the horse cards, shirts, tag and stall plates). I cannot stress enough that this event will be a chance for every USMMA member who is willing to come or contribute, to showcase the breed and their farm through the Association booth.

As I already anticipated, we will have some time in the ring, therefore the chance to be showing our breed in front of a large audience. Every demonstration will be structured with a portion of the time during which we will provide information for the public that dos not know our breed, and a portion where we will demonstrate the qualities of the MM horse. This time in the arena allows us to hold our annual clinic/show and at the same time be seen by the public. In order to have this possibility I submitted a plan for the presentation that was approved by the Equitana USA Management. I can introduce some modifications in order to add interest to our presentation, but I have to keep close to the original outline that earned us the time in the ring. During the three days of the event we will also have the chance to go for a long trail ride in the wine country around the facility, i am working on the trail that we will follow, and the places we can visit.

More details about where to stay, where to fly into and what to do in this wonderful area of California will be sent along with how to get tickets to the event after the July meeting.

More about Equitana Open Air

USMMA members who wish to give their business a larger exposure can also apply to EQUITANA USA to have their own booth, or to become sponsors and display banners and ads in different available spaces. The information about this topics is available by visiting the official links attached below in this email, or by calling directly Robert Keegan, general manager of EQUITANA USA.

The OPEN AIR FESTIVAL at Galway Downs is one of the different venues where EQUITANA USA will be present during 2017 and 2018. There will be another trade show in Georgia in 2018, and if anyone on the East coast would like to participate, the USMMA will try to support you again.

More about the USMMA Program

Here are some points I have been developing for the event:

1) The program I designed for the event is a clinic/show, where all of the members present will take part in the riding performance. It would be ideal to have a clinician to lead the presentation. A solution can come from the fact that some of the USMMA BOD members will be going to Brazil soon, and Jeff Bosley, USMMA President, will try to ask the ABCCMM if they want to take part with us in the clinic. In alternative, Human Horse Sensing can offer its services, and some of the members as well, so we can showcase the breed in very attractive performances. Rick Schatz has asked to do a Prova Fonctional in the ring, with the participation of all the members who wish to do so. Susan and Holm Neumann and their Mounted Archery School will do a demonstration. Susan Gabriel’s horses can demonstrate Mangalarga Marchador horses jumping. Sandy Dory, Alessandra Deerinck and Aline Greene can talk about their endurance experience.

2) The USMMA booth will provide a space for information material to be displayed and distributed. All of our members will get the chance to congregate, Our booth is primarily an information resource, and in order to have the public interested we need to provide them with facts and data about the breed. I have seen that a great way to do so is to hold an ongoing round table for the public. Most of the American equestrian public does not know about our breed, and every USMMA member present at the event can be a breed ambassador, for which we will make a badge so they will be recognized. If you would like to volunteer to be part of the group of ambassadors, let me know.

3) Printed material – A simple way to give the public something to take to remind them about the breed. A postcard/ bookmark is being designed for this event with a horse picture and the contacts of the owner on one side, and a diagram of the Marcha, the USMMA logo and website on the back. The postcards will be ordered from a single supplier and shipped to one responsible party. Each owner will pay for his postcards.

4) A screen with an ongoing movie can be mounted in our booth, and will provide information about the breed. The footage will have portions of Brazilian typical events and portions of American Mangalarga Marchador horses performing here in the US. Everyone who wishes to have horses be included in the video will need to provide good quality footage (I cannot stress enough that we need good quality footage!)

5) All of the members that are going to participate to the arena performance will wear a shirt that is being designed for this event, in order to show we are USMMA members.

6) Everyone bringing horses will have to cover the expenses for their stalls, and I need to know as soon as possible the number of stalls needed by each owner and have a payment for it. We may also want to pay to have a couple of tack stalls to share between the USMMA members to save on the expenses, but if anyone feels the need to have their own tack stall they can contribute for the full price ($125) and have it.

A draft of the program for the arena performance is attached below, any idea will be considered and every member is welcome to be part of this event.

I will be calling each one of the interested parties, to talk about the details, or hear their thoughts and see if they can add to the USMMA presence at Equitana USA.


Presentation in the arena

-History of the breed, narrated in a practical manner with emphasis on its versatility of applications.

-Mechanics of the gait in the Mangalarga Marchador.and how the gaits were developed and changed in time.

-Brief description of standards, inspection and soundness of mind.

Day 1 Introduction followed by Demonstration of the MM versatility. (mounted archery)

Day 2 Introduction followed by Demonstration of the MM versatility (prova fonctional)

Day 3 Introduction followed by Demonstration of the MM versatility jumping (?), endurance and trail

Additional possibility: A guided trail ride around the wine country, trails and length of the ride will be planned before the event, considering the possibility to visit different wineries and have lunch or dinner there.

These links illustrate the organization that holds event and has official information:



Please get back to me and let me know if you are interested, and what you think about this great opportunity to let the American public see what a great breed we are bringing to our country.

I want to thank in advance all that are coming with horses, or contributing to be part of the event. I also look forward to reading the responses, suggestions, and to be a part of something great with all of you.


Alessandra Deerinck 

USMMA Secretary 

Equitana Open Air 2017Chair 

Ph: 760 715 1554

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