New Registration

We encourage members to register a foal within six months of birth.

However, you can use this procedure to register a Marchador horse at ANY time.    The USMMA registrar needs the following information to begin the process:

  • Date of birth
  • Full name of registered parents
  • Sex
  • Color at birth,
  • Markings
  • Photos of the foal or horse showing markings
  • Foal or horse name (includes farm name which must be unique), 
  • Exhibit A

The USMMA naming convention is modeled after the ABCCMM’s.  We do not allow a foal’s name to be changed after registration.

You may submit this information through email, regular mail or by completing this form.  FOAL or NEW REGISTRATION 

The Registrar will email the UC DAVIS DNA KIT.  It is a simple form with 2 pages.  One page to complete and return to the USMMA.  One page to complete and return to UC Davis with the sample of hair.  On young foals, it is sometimes easier to pull the hairs from the tail.   The hair samples are 20-30 hairs with the roots attached, taped to the form.

UC Davis analyzes the sample and creates the DNA profile and also verifies parentage using the DNA profiles we have on-file.

Ariel Por de Sol, Sunset Farm

Ariel Por de Sol, 2010 Sunset Farm foal

If you are a member, the only fee for registration, if done within 6 months, is the $50 fee required for UC Davis DNA sampling.  UC Davis offers lower fees for association members.  If you live in Canada, the registrar can give you the import permit to submit the form.   After six months and for non-members, the fees are different.  Please check the fee schedule.

When all the information is back at the registry office, your registration document will be mailed to you automatically.

The USMMA Registrar is Randy Conilogue