USMMA Breed Standard

Our breed standards closely follow the ABCCMM breed standard.   The USMMA, however, does not set a height maximum for the Breed, assuming the Marchador horse may grow a little taller in North America, even if that is not our intent.

Oxum do Vale da Prata

GENERAL FEATURES: Medium sized structure, agility, strong, and well proportional structure, vigorous and healthy appearance; smooth and thin skin, silky, thin and staight coat; temperament is haughty but very gentle (docile).  Height : Ideally, 1,52m for males, 1,47m being the minimum and without  a set maximum as being acceptable for definitive registration.  Ideal, 1,46m for females, 1,40m being the minimum and without a set maximum as being acceptable for definitive registration.

Baluarte Piry

HEAD : Shape: triangular, well outlined, medium sized and harmonious, forehead is broad & flat. Profile: well outlined forehead; from well outlined to sub-concave of the nose. Eyes: widely set apart, expressive, large, jutting out, dark, and vivid, eyelids are thin and flexible. Ears: medium sized, mobile, parallel, well set, upturned, tips are preferably pointing slightly inwards. Throat: wide and well outlined.  Mouth: of medium opening range, thin lips, firm and flexible mobility. Nostrils: large, dilated, and flexible. Lower Jaw: wide apart and lean

NECK: Of a pyramidal shape, light in general appearance, proportional, oblique, strong muscles, flexible and balanced, with harmonious insertions, being that the insertion of the trunk, at the third upper part of the chest. It´s acceptable for males, as a slight convexity in the dorsal edge, being an expression of secondary sex character – thin, scarce, and silky mane.

Netuno Lapidade

TRUNK: Withers: well defined, long, providing prominent alignment and insertion to the neck´s dorsal edge;  Chest: deep, broad, muscular, though not protruding; Ribs: long, arched, providing good thoracic amplitude; Back: medium length, straight, muscular, slightly inclined, harmoniously connected from the withers to the loins; Loins: short, straight, proportional, harmoniously connected to the back and the croup, well provided with muscles; Hips: symmetrical, proportional, and well provided with muscles; Croup: long, proportional, muscular, slightly slanted, with a prominent sacral area, and the height should not exceed the height of the withers; Tail: well implanted, medium insertion with a short, firm dock pointing downward, prefereably with the tip slightly upturned when the animal moves about. The hair is scarce and silky;

Beethoven do Summerwind

FRONT QUARTERS: Shoulders: long, broad, oblique, muscular, well set, providing extensive movement;  Arms: long, muscular, well articulated and oblique;  Forearms: long, muscular, well articulated straight and vertical;  Knees: broad, well articulated and in the same vertical line of the forearm;  Cannons: straight, short, lean, vertical, with strong and well outlined tendons.  Fetlocks: defined and well articulated;   Pasterns: medium length, strong, oblique, and well articulated;  Hooves – medium, solid, dark and rounded;  Alignment : upright.

Seamus da Boa Fe

HINDQUARTERS: Thighs: muscular and well inserted;  Legs: strong, long, well articulated, and upright;  Hocks: lean, firm, well outlined, articulated and upright;- Cannons: straight, short, lean, vertical, with strong tendons, and well outlined;- Fetlocks: well defined and articulated;- Pasterns: medium length, strong, oblique, and well articulated;- Hooves: medium, dark, and rounded;- Alignment: upright

GAIT: Marcha: marched gait, symetric, low speed, in four-time with alternate support of the lateral and diagonal members, intercalated with the distinct three-time legged support pace of the breed. Ideal characteristics: regular, elastic, with distinct foot falls occuring to each stride; balanced, always with advances of diagonal support a little bit larger than the lateral members; smooth nodding movement with the neck, good flexibility of the joints.  Ideal Characteristics: regular, tightly put together, with good impulse, balanced, with sharp suspension timing, discreet nodding movement of the neck, good flexibility of the joints.

Tabatinga Rota


To be penalized: General lack of development, disproportion between the regions and body dimensions.. Rejected are the concave frontal nasal profiles and equally the ultra convex and, objectionable, the convex. Excessively voluminous head, ears too big, fallen, too closely set and with abnormal movement.. Neck too short, inserted too low or too compact at its union with the head. The presentation of falling or fallen crest or ewe neck will determine total disqualification.

Narrow trunk and little heart girth (depth). Low withers or not defined. Swayback and inclined to descend forward. Tail set too high or too loosely set.  Extremities with deviations from the plumb and especially in the tarsal region (cow hocked).  Pasterns too long or excessively short and vertical.  Movements displaying poor elevation, irregular tempo or excessive winging.

Disqualifications:  Heritable defects:

  1. Bite abnormalities such including, but not limited to prognathism (undershot bite) or brachygnathism (overshot bite).
  2. Evidence of entropion (eyelashes touching eye globe)
  3. Umbilical hernia.
  4. If male, absence of both testes in the scrotum.
  5. Blue eyes.  Albino.