AZ – Alan Villaca Clinic

Hosted by the USMMA and Summerwind Marchadors, the clinic ran Feb 14th to 16th at Silver Stables, Phoenix, AZ. Silver Stables also provided many of the Marchadors shown and used at the clinic.

The weather was good. The food was good. The horses worked hard for different riders! Alan Villaca was outstanding, just a wealth of information and exercises to use with our Marchador horses. 

After the day of videos and the breed characteristics, we practiced – evaluating conformation, angles and proportions of our Marchadors at the clinic. or there at Silver Stables. 

Clinic attendees asked questions in writing before the clinic, asked during the clinic and Alan answered them all and not with generalities but with answers to each specific owner and rider as he got to know them and their horse. 

He taught four exercises that would improve the marcha focused on correct bend and disassociation of the legs. When the horse was supple enough, then he added the impulsion to go. On some horses, the most comfortable marcha was found at a slower speed and some at a faster speed. 

Each rider was asked to perform the exercises on different horses and it was surprising to see what Alan made look so easy, was very hard. We appreciated learning things we could practice and home. And we appreciated his sharing and skill.

We will be planning another clinic and possible show for next year and hope to have this become an annual event in our Marchador calendar.