Registration Help – ABCCMM

ABCCMM registration is not required by the USMMA.  Members may elect to dual register their horses with the ABCCMM.  If so, the member is responsible for following ABCCMM regulations, completing the necessary forms and paying the ABCCMM fees.

ABCCMM Membership is required if you want to register your farm name as a breeding farm to name your foals.  The fees are established in Brazilian reals.  The annual breeder membership fee is approximately $560R, , but be sure to check an on-line currency converter for actual fees as currency rates fluctuate.   There is a social membership as well if you just own a MM and do not breed MMs.

In some instances, you do not need to be an ABCCMM member for many transactions if you are not a breeder.  However, all registry fees are about double those for a member.  All fees are payable by credit card to the ABCCMM.

To Register Foals:

DaVinci do Summerwind

  1. The foals must be the product of two inspected and permanently registered ABCCMM horses.  Permanent registration is indicated on the ABCCMM registration document as “LIVRO 5” for stallions or “LIVRO 6” for mares.  If their ABCCMM registration number is xxxxxx – 5, they are in Livro 5 (book 5).
  2. The breeder/mare owner must communicate the breeding dates to the ABCCMM at the time of breeding to avoid late fees.  This is done on-line via their member’s account or via paper form.  The name of the form is COMUNICAÇÃO DE COBRIÇÃO.  The name and registration numbers of the mare and stallion need to be on the form.  The recorded owner of the stallion and the mare owner must both sign the form.
  3. The mare owner must communicate the foaling date to the ABCCMM.  This is done on-line via their member’s account or via paper form.  The name of the form is COMUNICAÇÃO DE NASCIMENTO.   The owner is asked to name the foal on the form.
  4. The breeder/owner must communicate the particulars of the foal to the ABCCMM: color, sex and markings.  This can be done via email.
  5. Submission of USMMA DNA record and proof of parental verification. This can be emailed to the ABCCMM office.
  6. The foal must be inspected and microchipped by an ABCCMM inspector.   Currently, we are lucky to have an ABCCMM inspector assigned to us.   Contact Dr. George Vilar to schedule your inspections.
  7. ABCCMM fees applicable must be paid.

Keep a copy of everything you send with the dates you submitted the information to them.

Provisional ABCCMM registration will be issued to the owner.

To Register Adult Horses:

Inspecting Astrud de Lazy T for permanent ABCCMM registration status

  1. The horse must have provisional registration with the ABCCMM and the owner must have the original registration document in his or her possession.   If you do not have the registration document, a request for duplicate registration must be completed.
  2. The owner listed on the provisional registration must be correct.  If it is incorrect, then a transfer of ownership, COMMUNICAO DA TRANSFERENCIA, must be completed and signed by BOTH the current owner and the former owner.   No transfer will take place until both parties in the transaction have no debt with the ABCCMM.
  3. The horse must pass inspection by an ABCCMM authorized inspector at age 3 or older.  The inspector will judge the conformation, gait and temperament.  Currently, we are lucky to have one living here in the US.   Contact Dr. George Vilar to schedule your inspections.
  4. The inspector and the Inspection fees must be paid.
  5. ABCCMM registration fees applicable must be paid.

Permanent ABCCMM registration will be issued to the owner.  For stallions and mares, this means they are entered into the breeding books and their offspring are now also eligible for ABCCMM registration.

For additional and complete information, visit the ABCCMM website.

The USMMA is currently considering a fee to assist their members in the preparation of ABCCMM documents.  Please contact the USMMA Registrar for more information if you would like this service.


Reference document – ABCCMM Registry Rules – translated into English.