USMMA Branding

USMMA Horseshoe S Brand

Branding irons bearing the USMMA brand have been procured for the benefit of the USMMA membership.   This brand is available for any USMMA registered Marchador horse and is completely voluntary.    The USMMA brand is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Reg. No. 3,751,235 and is for the sole use of the USMMA.

Please contact Jeff Bosley, USMMA President, Acting Brand Steward, if you are interested in branding.  We are looking for another member to manage this function.

Note that the USMMA Brand does not replace the ABCCMM Horseshoe M brand nor the ABCCMM inspection process.

Application for Use of the USMMA Branding Iron

Requests for use of the irons shall be sent to the Brand Steward, USMMA.   The applicant shall provide the following information and documentation:

  1. Full name, address, phone number, and USMMA membership status
  2. Full name of the horse(s) to be branded
  3. USMMA Registration number(s) of the horse(s) to be branded.
  4. A photo of the horse taken within the preceding 30 days.
  5. A fee of $20 per horse for USMMA members and $50 per horse for non-USMMA members for the use of the branding iron(s).  There is a 20% discount for multiple horses if done at the same time.
  6. A fee of $______ to cover shipping of the branding iron(s).
  7. A security deposit of $150.00.
  8. Name and address of the veterinarian designated to receive the irons and perform the branding and further instructions on where to place the brand.

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