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Our Annual ‘National’ Show:  The Annual Clinic and Sela de Ouro

In Brazil horses qualify for their National Championships by riding a timed test designed to illustrate the versatility of the breed called The Complete Horse Test.  The USMMA encourages its members to set up a practice course and learn to ride this test as it is an international basis for Marchador competition.  It is used in Brazil to find a National Champion and to qualify for their Sela de Ouro rides.  Anyone who successfully completes the event here is automatically qualified to _DSC2076ride in one in Brazil.

The Marchador breed is broadly dispersed across North America to have an all Marchador horse show or even all Marchador classes at local shows.    We do have an Annual MM Clinic and Sela de Ouro based on the Complete Horse Test.

Our Marchador Clinic is taught by certified Brazilian Instructors and Judges in combination with  Sela de Ouro.  Each year it is held in a different region of the country to encourage our members to participate when it is held near them.  In 2011 we held it in Texas, 2012 in Florida,  2013 in Montana and 2014 in Las Vegas.

Following Brazilian tradition, members make their horses available to those who cannot bring their own horses so they can ride in the Clinic and Sela.  Members can also bring their own horses or audit and not ride. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Additionally the USMMA  encourages and supports our members who attend or participate in Horse Exhibitions and/or Shows by publicizing the events.  We offer support in the form of a subsidy to members and some display items for a booth or a stall.

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