About Us

We are a small, elite, passionate group that own or just love Marchador horses, located in 25 states and 3 Canadian Provinces that share their love for what the Brazilians call “the Perfect Horse”.

Our main focus is on our registry and breed standards.  However, we also actively promote the Mangalarga Marchador breed and recognize our members in those efforts.

  • Show in any organized horse event or competition and receive recognition and awards from the Association.
  • Present your Marchador at a horse expo and get help setting up a display or booth.  The Association offers financial support as well as booth materials to help setting up a display for the Mangalarga Marchador breed and the USMMA.
  • Share stories and pictures about your Marchador in our newsletter, facebook or member blog here on the website.
  • Learn more about the Marchador breed with continuing education efforts and clinics.
  • Support our mission with your funding – all our fees are channeled back into the association.  We are 100% volunteers.

We welcome your participation and involvement!

Where we are on the map!

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