Member Benefits

  • Advertising – The USMMA looks for opportunities to promote the Mangalarga Marchador breed in TV, Radio, Print and Social media.   For an example, you can click here to view the 2011 The HORSE SHOW with Rick Lamb.   
  • Awards Program  – Annually, there are prizes and trophies awarded to members who show and promote the Marchador breed.  See our AWARDS page for more information.
  • Brazil Trips – ABCCMM National Show – Held annually in July, we often help arrange and plan trips for our members to go and experience the Marchador’s home country, see 1000s of the top horses and tour the attractions whether it be history, countryside or Marchador breeders.
  • Breeder Directory – Available in print and on-line, another way to help people meet and own a Marchador!  Online links to breeders is also provided on our website.
  • Calendar/Fundraiser  -Our annual USMMA fundraiser and a wonderful opportunity to showcase your Marchador or your farm and share with the Marchador lovers around the world.   For 2021, USMMA Kindle Van Dyken created the calendar using photos submitted by our members.
  • Classified Ads – Using Equine Now to post Marchadors for sale, but we will link to the Equine Now site for people who are looking to buy a Marchador from the USMMA website.
  • COVID Relief Fund – The USMMA will grant one year of membership to those applying for assistance due to hardship in 2020 and 2021.
  • MM Events and Clinics – Sponsored and subsidized by the USMMA, these events can be National or Regional in scope.  Our National clinics are taught by experienced MM professionals and move move around geographically when we hold them.  So far, we’ve hosted national events in Texas, Florida, Montana, Nevada and Arizona.  Please look at our calendar for up-coming events.
  • Newsletter/Journal– Our way of keeping members connected and informed!  Information about the Marchador breed, members, association business, and more.  Pictures and stories are happily accepted for sharing!  Published quarterly throughout the year by Tresa Smith, USMMA lifetime member and past President.
  • Promotional Products – We are creating a USMMA store on our website!   Show off your Marchador pride with tack or clothing items!  Currently, before the USMMA store launches, Land’s End’s full line of clothing and gifts are available with either the USMMA logo or the internationally recognized symbol of the Marchador breed, the Horseshoe M brand.  For more information on how to order, click here.
  • Registry – A strict DNA-based registration system benefits all members to ensure and protect the purity of the Marchador breed in North America.   For more information, see the entire Registry section of this website.  Randy Conilogue is the current USMMA Registrar. Email
  • Riding Warehouse 15% Discount – Visit Please contact Lynn Kelley, USMMA Treasurer to get the coupon code. With their unbeatable customer service, free shipping and return policy, and carefully selected product offerings, Riding Warehouse offers an experience you simply cannot beat!
  • Social Media, Facebook and Instagram– We use social media to get more people to know and see the Mangalarga Marchador horse.  Our Facebook Page is managed and content is placed there by a member team of Adrienne Scheck, Alesandra Deerinck and Jean Allred.   The Instagram page is managed by Dana Johnsen.
  • Show Kit – The USMMA has a professional quality 8×10 booth kit with materials like videos, banners and set-up help that we can ship to you when you are promoting the breed locally.  Please contact us to use it!  Our show kit is managed by President Jeff Bosley
  • Show or Meet the Marchador Event Subsidy – A subsidy is available for members who apply to offset the costs of the show, event or expo where the member will promote the Marchador breed on behalf of their farm and the USMMA.    Application form and program description is on-line.  
  • USMMA Library – Many forms, documents, videos and other materials are now available on-line.  Use them to host your own show or Meet the Marchador day.   
  • USMMA Website – A new one is in development!   The place to go for more Marchador information, history and current news!  Whether you are an existing member or a person becoming interested in the Marchador breed, a great resource for all.  All USMMA material is converted and posted on-line!   The new website is being built and managed by Dana Johnsen.
  • Horse Manager /USMMA –  We are building a new registry database that will be accessible by USMMA members.   Until then, you can use our old system — sometimes not as current as our Registry database.   It’s Horse Manager’s  pedigree system, you can access your horse’s information on-line.  Trace your horses heritage back many generations in Brazil!  To search, click here.

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