Awards Programs

Luminosa da Joatinga in a FL show

Program # 1  SHOW SUBSIDY AWARD Application form:

In order to encourage members to demonstrate the versatility of the Mangalarga Marchador, the USMMA has a Show Subsidy Award Program.

Any member of the association is eligible to apply.  
Show Subsidy Program Goals:

  • To promote the Marchador in different geographical areas of North America
  • To showcase the Marchador in different types of events
  • To showcase well-trained, well-gaited Marchadors ridden by owners, breeders or professional trainers

You may apply as often as you want, but each member is limited to one award per calendar year. Decisions based solely on submissions received according to the program goals above.

You may fill out this form on-line or print and mail to:  USMMA Office, 28150 N Alma School Pkwy, Ste 103 PMB 682, Scottsdale, AZ 85262.

Application form:

Program Administrator:  D.j. Sims Klein  Cell: 623-414-1774 Email is


Quevado FAD, Mounted Archery  Get out there and start today!

We are sponsoring award programs in conjunction with various equine associations such as the American Endurance Riders Conference (AERC),  the U.S.A. Working Equitation Association (USAWE) and Equine Trail Sports (ETS).  No application is needed.  The sport association tracks all participants an reports to the USMMA at year-end.

Current Partner Organizations

  1. AERC
  2. USAWE
  3. ETS

These are USMMA BEST OF BREED prizes and ribbons awarded to the best performing Marchadors in that discipline.   Awards only to USMMA members and USMMA registered Marchador horses.

We are looking to add more disciplines, so if your sport tracks mileage or points by breed, we would love to add them!   Please contact Lynn Kelley, USMMA Treasurer or the USMMA to get started in your sport.  Emails to


Prizes and Awards are also given for the top Marchadors in our virtual competitions.   These competitions are held every so often and offer fun, diversity with no travel!   

Our first competition started March 1, 2021.  Click here to see check on the current competition running!