Rick Schatz, Flying Oaks, Retiring

Rick Schatz is retiring. He wanted his retirement announcement and the opportunity to own a Flying Oaks Marchador to go first to the USMMA members.  We are pleased to honor this request from a long-time dedicated and passionate Mangalarga Marchador breeder. Rick has contributed greatly to the success of the MM breed with his program and his time devoted to the association. We are very grateful. We wish him the best in his retirement.   Attached is his letter and the link to YouTube to view the Marchadors for sale.  — The USMMA Board of Directors


Rick’s Retirement Letter

Retirement Time
Announcing Our Retirement from Raising Mangalarga Marchadors at Flying Oaks Ranch!

Dear friends, clients and fellow horse enthusiasts:

After numerous remarkable years spent raising and tending to the magnificent Mangalarga Marchadors at Flying Oaks Ranch, we have made the heartfelt choice to retire. This journey has been brimming with joy, growth, and cherished memories, and I am profoundly grateful for the support and trust you have extended to us and our horses.

Our journey with Mangalarga Marchadors:
Our Mangalarga Marchador journey began in 1999 when we relocated to Brazil, settling in the picturesque state of Rio de Janeiro. Liz wasted no time riding horses with her Brazilian friends. She convinced me to join her, insisting these horses were unlike any I’d experienced back home.
In 2000, we took the leap and purchased our first Mangalarga Marchadors. Our passion for these magnificent horses grew, leading us to acquire five more mares from Tosana Fazenda. This renowned farm housed AJ Netuno and 443 Marengo, esteemed past Mangalarga Marchador National Champion Stallions.

With these exceptional bloodlines, primarily Abaiba, we established our breeding venture on our 200-hectare farm, Fazenda Zouga. Here, we dedicated ourselves to raising and nurturing these exceptional horses, known for their unique gait, versatility, and gentle temperament.

Retiring from my professional life, I returned to our Oklahoma home with a heavy heart. Although leaving Brazil was bittersweet, the invaluable experiences and memories remain. Our dedication to the Mangalarga Marchador breed persists, and I’ve made frequent visits back to Brazil to stay connected with our roots and the wonderful friends we made there.

With the assistance of a good friend, we successfully imported our young stallion, Ator Fazenda Zouga. His bloodlines connect to both the Tosana Champions and mares, marking the inception of our Mangalarga Marchador breeding program here at Flying Oaks Ranch.

Over the years, our unwavering commitment to this remarkable breed has resulted in the registration of nearly eighty Marchadors with the United States Mangalarga Marchadors Association. These magnificent horses have found homes across the lower forty-eight states and even in Canada, spanning from coast to coast. The honour of selling and shipping fillies and a pregnant mare to a renowned breeder in France speaks to the quality of our breeding program.

Each horse we have raised holds a special place in our hearts, and the memories they created are invaluable. From Flying Oaks Windsmoke to Wizard, Pegasus, Zeus, Phantom, Valentine, Diablo, and Netuno, their legacy lives on.

Purchasing Options:
First-Time Buyers:Purchase at the listed price.

Repeat Customers:Enjoy a 20% discount off the listed price as a token of appreciation for your loyalty.25% on following horses

For additional details and to access the available horse information, please refer to the Youtube video link button below this message or visit our website at www.flyingoaksranch.com.  If you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit, feel free to reach out to us. You can contact us via email at infomarchador@yahoo.com or call our home phone at 580-269-2967. Rick can also be reached at 580-761-5927.

We extend our gratitude to Dana Johnsen of Rocke Ridge Ranch for creating the PowerPoint presentation. Dana has acquired several Flying Oaks horses over the years, contributing to their training. These horses have found good homes across Canada and the Lower 48, except for the ones she keeps.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. I eagerly anticipate the Mangalarga Marchadors’ legacy will thrive through the passion and dedication of their new owners.

Warm regards, Rick & Liz Schatz, Flying Oaks Ranch. www.flyingoaksranch.com