MM Year End Awards


We also sponsor year-end breed awards in conjunction with affiliated equine associations such as the American Endurance Riders Conference (AERC),  the U.S.A. Working Equitation Association (USAWE) and Equine Trail Sports (ETS).  

No application is needed.  The sport association tracks all participants and reports to the USMMA at year-end. Awards are only to USMMA members and USMMA registered Marchador horses.

Current Affiliate Organizations

  1. AERC – best MM by LD Miles, Endurance Miles and Overall Miles
  2. USAWE – best MM by level
  3. ETS – best MM by level

The Affiliate Association will have the MM breed awards listed under their AWARDS page as well.

These prizes are USMMA BEST OF BREED prizes and ribbons awarded to the best performing Marchadors in that discipline.   

We are looking to add more disciplines, so if your sport tracks mileage or points by breed, we would love to add them!   Please contact Lynn Kelley, USMMA Treasurer (temporary affiliate associations manager) or the USMMA to get started in your sport.  Email to