Our History


Chanel de Miami, USMMA 0000001

  • Founding Members: Cris Guerra, Lynn Kelley, John Kelley, Tresa Smith
  • Website created (unfunded)
  • By-laws and registry rules drafted
  • DNA standard implemented.  40 horses DNA typed by year-end.
  • Met with ABCCMM President, Registrar and other officers.  Worked with ABCCMM to correct paperwork and verify horses.  ABCCMM inspection planned for 2005.
  • Announcement letter to invite MM owners to join.


Drs Getulio Vieira and Jose Eduardo Teves, 2005 Inspection at Summerwind

  • USMMA incorporated and trademarked.
  • Call for volunteers and election of Board of Directors for 1 year term.
  • First President Lynn Kelley.
  • First meeting of Board; bylaws adopted.
  • First US-born Marchadors and imported Marchadors issued registration documents from the USMMA.
  • Founding members Tresa Smith, Lynn Kelley and John Kelley fund legal efforts on several fronts for the ABCCMM to obtain the US trademark for the Horseshoe M brand.
  • First ABCCMM inspection and branding ever held outside of Brazil (unfunded)
  • ABCCMM and Brazil Visit (unfunded)
  • Newsletter begins


USMMA meeting in MT

  • Breed Standard created.  Exhibit A created.
  • Show Committee  formed.  Show Rules drafted.
  • Budget Process adopted.  Operating Rules adopted
  • ABCCMM and Brazil trip (unfunded)
  • Elections held for 2006-2010 Board of Directors.  Lynn Kelley re-elected.


First Marchadors in Canada!

  • 2 US Vets train in Brazil to become breed inspectors (funded)
  • ABCCMM and Brazil visit (unfunded)
  • ABCCMM M Brand trademark efforts begun in 2005  are legally decided and approved for the ABCCMM.
  • First Marchador arrives in Canada from the US.
  • Lynn Kelley resigns Presidency.  Second USMMA President is Tresa V. Smith.
  • 116 Registered Marchadors, now in US and Canada


First USMMA clinic, MT

  • ABCCMM Inspection Visit and First USMMA Clinic.  Clinic DVD documentary.
  • ABCCMM and Brazil Visit (unfunded)
  • First USMMA Calendar / Fundraiser
  • First Marchador embryo transfer foal born – 4 Seasons
  • First frozen semen foal born – Summerwind


USMMA, EAMM and ABCCMM met in Brazil

  • USMMA Logo and Horseshoe S Brand created and trademarked.  First US Marchadors branded with USMMA brand
  • Long-term Plan developed
  • ABCCMM and Brazil Visit (unfunded).  Met also with the EAMM (Europe) for the first time.
  • Technical Board created.
  • Elections held for 2010-2014 Board.  Third President is John Kelley
  • 176 USMMA registered Marchadors


First year for USMMA Awards for shows

  • ABCCMM Inspection Visit hosted
  • USMMA Awards Program
  • USMMA Show Support Subsidy
  • “The Importers” documentary series begun
  • New website begun
  • Membership tops 70!


  • Complete Horse Video Competition Created
  • MM Gait Clinic in Texas
  • ABCCMM National Show and Brazil Trip (unfunded)
  • RFD LIVE and Rick Lamb’s THE HORSE SHOW
  • New Registry System adopted
  • New Website launched
  • Foal born from harvested egg
  • MM Frozen Semen imported from Brazil
  • USMMA registered Marchadors tops 200!
    Kate riding Andante (Apple Pie de Miami) at the 2011 clinic

    Kate riding Andante (Apple Pie de Miami) at the 2011 clinic


  • 2 additional Board members added
  • First Sela de Ouro and MM clinic held – Ocala FL
  • Travel to Brazil for the National Show
  • First MM foal born from a harvested MM egg – 4 Seasons
  • First MM foal born from imported frozen semen – Summerwind
  • John Kelley resigns; Susann Gabriel assumes Presidency


  • MM Clinic and Sela de Ouro held in Helena, MT
  • ABCCMM inspection in the US.
  • Travel to Brazil for the National Show.
  • Canada (Nickers Saddlery) launches MM initiative at the MANE EVENT, Red Deer, AB.
  • Horse Illustrated travels to Brazil for a feature article on the MM in 2014.
  • New Board elected for 2014.  New President Rick Schatz, Flying Oaks


  • May issue Horse Illustrated features the Marchador

    Tesoro de los Cielos was 1st in conformation for the geldings. With Alessandra Deerinck, Theresa Longo, owner and Aline Greene, owner of the sire.

  • ABCCMM inspection visit
  • Canadian Marchadors tops 15
  • MM Clinic held in Las Vegas, NV
  • PBR Promotional MM event held in Las Vegas NV


  • Marchadors featured in many publications.  USMMA ad in Trail Rider.
  • ABCCMM inspection visit
  • USMMA President resigns.  New President is Jeff Bosley.


  • Marchador rides in the AERC Rose Bowl Parade group.
  • ABCCMM inspection visit
  • Breyerfest, July 2016.  Marchador is featured model.  Imperio das Aguas JM.  
  • Brazil trip with group – Summerwind
  • USMMA begins regional events
  • Registry update and survey project


  • Elections – Jeff Bosley re-elected as President for 2018-2022 term.
  • MMs at the Mane Event in Scottsdale, AZ
  • ABCCMM inspection visit
  • Brazil trip with group – Summerwind
  • USMMA Quarterly Journal publishes to members
  • New Registrar Randy Conilogue and new database for Registration


  • Membership tops 100 (123 actual at year-end)
  • MMs at the Mane Event in Scottsdale, AZ
  • ABCCMM inspection visits
  • ABCCMM assigns Flavio Tavares for international development of the MM.


  • MT Cavalgada – Haras Vista da Serra
  • ABCCMM Inspection Visits
  • MMs at Equine Affaire, MA
  • USMMA becomes ABCCMM Nucleo


  • Horse Illustrated MM article – January
  • USMMA Scottsdale all MM Show
  • Covid-19 
  • Regional Director Elections held


  • AZ Regional Events and MMs in Working Equitation
  • CA Labor Day Classic and Jingle Bell Show MM classes
  • New Breed Awards in WE, Endurance and ETS
  • New Virtual Competitions


  • Membership tops 150
  • Jeff Bosley Resigns; Cathy Pierce VP assumes Presidency 
  • Officer Elections held;  Tia Nelson elected President (2023-2026)
  • MT Cavalagada and MM competiton
  • AZ Western Zone WE Championships with USMMA booth
  • CA Labor Day and Jingle Bell Horse Shows
  • MMs covers on Sound Advocate, Elite Equestrian and Horseman’s News!