USMMA / ABCCMM Registration Team Announcement

The USMMA Board members working on registration issues with the USMMA and the ABCCMM have created some new ways to work together and to make registrations run better for our members. 

The team of our Registrar Randy Conilogue, our Treasurer Lynn Kelley and Carolina Peterson have already made improvements.

Effective immediately:

One is the creation of a new registration email address which all team members can review.  Each team member will learn the other’s job responsibilities for more understanding and depth within the association. The new email address is

The second improvement is to assist USMMA members that are also ABCCMM members (Brazil) in the payment of annual ABCCMM dues and other fees.  The ABCCMM payment is often difficult accessing the ABCCMM website to pay by credit card. Please let Lynn Kelley, our Treasurer, know you would like help. Lynn will bill you for your ABCCMM fees (in US dollars) and send you a receipt from the ABCCMM after we pay ABCCMM fees for you (in Brazilian reals).

Coming in March:

The third idea is to create a MARCH MADNESS registration campaign to get more Marchadors registered with the USMMA that have not been reported or that are registered in the ABCCMM only.  Having these horses included in our MM database will help us to track the horses and the owners here in North America. 

The team members: 

For the USMMA – Randy Conilogue does the registration papers issued and transfers. Lynn Kelley collects the money owed for each transaction. Carolina and Lynn will learn the registration database being created so there is backup and also more people who may be able to assist during times of larger volumes of requests.

For the ABCCMM – Lynn Kelley has been a liaison with Eliana Martins, ABCCMM, and with Dr.George Vilar , ABCCMM, regarding ABCCMM inspection and membership issues. Carolina joins her and is a valuable asset because she speaks Portuguese. Carolina will assume more of this responsibility during 2024. We consider Dr. George Vilar and Eliana Martins to be part of this team.

In 2024, Carolina and Lynn will be learning more about the USMMA as a nucleo of the ABCCMM and become more active as a nucleo.

For both USMMA and ABCCMM:  

We share DNA records for registration and Parental Verification between the 2 associations. The USMMA can assist our members and the ABCCMM in collecting and paying ABCCMM fees.