Foal Registration – Exhibit A

Exhibit A Veterinary Examination Report revised 1/2010

I have examined the below described Mangalarga Marchador foal or weanling and have found no evidence of:

1) Bite abnormalities such including, but not limited to prognathism (undershot bite) or brachygnathism (overshot bite).

2) Evidence of entropion (eyelashes touching eye globe)

3) Umbilical hernia.

If male, both testes are present in the scrotum.

Description of weanling:

Note the base color of this individual at birth ** ________________________


____________________________________      Date: ____________

Signature of owner or veterinarian responsible for examination.    Date examined.

** The base color is the genetically determined color of that horse and may be critical when considering potential mates for breeding.   The USMMA will store this vital piece of information in our horse database.   An adult grey horse that was originally born buckskin or a palomino should not be bred to a buckskin or palomino as this, statistically, will result in a cremello 25% of the time.  Cremello foals are not registerable with the USMMA.  There is the lethal recessive of the roan to consider as well.  If you breed an adult grey horse that was originally born roan to a roan, 25% of your potential foal crop will die from early embryonic death due to a lethal recessive gene carried by roan horses.

To be completed, scanned and sent to USMMA Registrar:

Randy Conilogue
or mail to USMMA office at 28150 N Alma School Pkwy Ste 103 PMB 682, Scottsdale, AZ 85262