Equitana Open Air Meeting July 20

Sent via email to all USMMA members:

A Letter from USMMA Secretary and Event Chair Alessandra Deerinck:

Our association has scheduled a meeting on July 20th at 5pm PST to plan about our presence at Equitana Open Air Festival (October 20th through 22nd 2017 in Temecula CA) 
Everyone who wishes to be part of this meeting needs to email me, Alessandra Deerinck hhsensing@icloud.com, to receive an invitation. The meeting will be held in a call that can be on the computer or phone, both ways will immediately access the meeting.  You will need to call in or sign in to be part of the meeting.  I will send out the information to everyone in advance, after I receive your email. Any member who wishes to be represented at the association booth just with information about their farm, is welcome to inquire about it and can participate to the meeting as well.
In the meeting we will talk about the presentations at Equitana, and I will ask some of you to help with some specific tasks. 
Everyone can bring a personal contribution to the event, if you wish you can make a write up about a topic that is dear to you, interesting for the public, and related to our breed. The proposals need to be sent to Alessandra Deerinck before the meeting.  The association is officially scheduled for two 30 minutes presentations  in the arena, and two 15 minutes “barn door talks”, every day during Equitana. At the upcoming meeting we will examine everyone’s proposal and decide which ones will be the most representative for the event.
The USMMA needs to have a confirmation for the number of stalls that each of the participants needs, and a payment of $125 for each stall, tack stalls are available upon request for the same amount.The person bringing a Marchador horse to the event, is responsible for payment for these stalls, but we can reserve it for you.
Please see the last email sent, that has more details about the event.   Click Here
Feel free to contact Alessandra Deerinck for any other question about the event.  (760) 715-1554
This event is considered the official 2017 USMMA event, and we hope to see you there!