AERC Convention Feb 24-25

Irene Howcroft, USMMA Secretary is attending this annual event and presenting the Marchador breed in a booth at the trade show.

The AERC stands for American Endurance Ride Conference. Endurance is a wonderful sport for the Marchador breed with their stamina, temperament and comfortable, ground-covering gaits. We have several Marchador owners and horses competing in the 25 mile and 50 mile rides.

The USMMA also sponsors a year-end breed award for the Marchadors in conjunction with the AERC who tracks the miles and the entries. Kari Graves was our 2022 winner with her horse. Flying Oaks Zephyrus.

Here are the banners that Irene made for the MM booth. The USMMA provided Marchador flyers and the Breeder’s list for handouts at the booth.

For more information about the AERC and their convention, go to their website