3Q Virtual Competition

Congratulations and thank you to the members who tried and submitted photos and videos. We have a new challenge for the 4th Quarter coming shortly.

For conformation photos, the first 3 places went to:

  • Adrienne C. Scheck, photos of Gaia do Summerwind
  • D.j. Sims Klein, photos of Boneca da Lusonatica
  • Cathy Pierce, photos of Paris do Summerwind
Conformation photos and comments about what’s good and what might be improved.

For the ridden competition, you can view the entries on Youtube.

Entries are:

  • Adrienne C. Scheck and Gaia do Summerwind
  • Carolina Biselli Peterson and Kharisma do Summerwind
  • Randy Gassett and Nobre do Summerwind
  • Dana Johnsen and Valentim Beijo Fazenda Zouga
  • Servando Garcia and Tigre do Summerwind
  • D.j. Sims Klein and Boneca da Lusonatica