Election Results Announcement

Dear Members,

We did undertake the task of finding an independent third party to validate the counts, as requested by some USMMA members. Part of our search process included contacting a non-profit law firm. They advised that there is nothing in the AZ statutes that requires this action to be taken and they also advised that hiring someone would likely be costly.  Therefore, the current USMMA Officers have decided not to delay, and to announce the election results. We don’t believe spending USMMA funds on hiring lawyers and accountants to review a computerized election process makes sense.

This computerized platform is considered to be an impartial third party.  We would rather spend our time and resources supporting our members. The computer program tabulated the votes automatically. We trust the integrity of our current President and Registrar to fairly review the voting and determine the election results.

 It is time for all candidates to put aside their differences and focus on what brought us together in the first place, the Mangalarga Marchador. There is plenty of opportunity for anyone unhappy with the results to volunteer to make our association better. Let’s all look forward!


Cathy Pierce USMMA President cpierce@stx.rr.com

Election results: 100 members voted.

PRESIDENT: Tia Nelson  72 votes – 72%        Ronald Knaack 28 votes – 28%

VICE PRESIDENT: Cathy Pierce  100 votes – 100%

TREASURER:     Lynn Kelley.   100 votes – 100%

SECRETARY:     Irene Howcroft  58 votes – 58%    Linda Holst 42 votes – 42%