The horse’s hoof!

Our first virtual challenge is one that is easy to do in winter! No riding, but lots of learning. Our VC creator, Dana Johnsen, has been a farrier and barefoot trimmer for many years. She has offered to give feedback and consultation on your horse’s feet based on the photos and information you submit. We also have a second consultant offering her assistance, our USMMA President, Dr. Tia Nelson, also a farrier as well as a vet. Thank you both for a wonderful challenge!

Hoof form & function assessment

This challenge is to take series of 5 images: 1 of your horse (side shot) and 4 of your horse’s front left hoof. Barefoot or shod – the challenge is for all!

Taking good hoof photos is crucial to getting a good evaluation of your horse’s hooves. Studying good hoof photos will help you learn more about the health of your horse’s hooves and how to spot problems before they occur.

We made the VC entries easier to complete using an online google document. In the instructions is also a link to showing you how to take the photos to send in.

We are all winners in this challenge! First 5 entries will get a hoof pick!


Click the link below to enter: