Meet the new Board Members

About Lisa Estrada, CA – I am a project manager in information technology but a love for horses has existed since  my childhood. This was followed by the opportunity of working on a horse farm and being on a horse drill team for several years part time, during my teens and twenties.

Later on in life,  I became absorbed in the Marchador Breed but didn’t get the opportunity to own one because of my dedication to my college education.. Now, that I am older and have a family I am excited that I get to be a proud owner of a beautiful Marchador, Sonadora de los Cielos.

My hope is that my son will grow up with breed and find the joy, peace, and happiness as I did growing up being around horses.

About Cathy Pierce, TX – I am one of those girls who has always loved horses.  I was able to own my first horse (a quarter horse mix) at age 16.  I competed in local rodeos while in high school.  I was fortunate to be able to take my horse with me for 3 years of my college education, and had one horse from the time that I was 16, and my mare was 2, until she died at age 32.  I progressed to half Arabians, and then full Arabians, and an Appaloosa.
My husband and I have been hosting foreign exchange students for 15 years.  We have hosted 2 Brazilian students.  One of these students (David) owns Mangalarga Marchador horses in Brazil.  I had never heard of this breed, and we did not find any MM horses in Texas at that time.  We were fortunate to be able to go to Brazil to visit David and his family, and we rode his horses in the mountains.  It was a wonderful experience, and when we returned to the US, we started searching for a MM horse of our own.

Through on-line communications, , I purchased Destiny do Summerwind, a pretty buckskin mare from a lady (who had become ill) who lived about 140 miles away.  ,  We bred Destiny to Talisma Kafe using frozen imported semen.  She had a beautiful colt on my birthday the following year!  We learned of more MM’s for sale in Florida, and purchased a mare and foal in Florida.  I am now the proud owner of Cassandra do MManor, and Eduardo do MManor.

I love riding them, and love their gentle nature.   I want to promote the breed in Texas, and help more people learn about our wonderful horses.

I am volunteering with the USMMA in the position of membership coordinator.  I hope to be able to communicate with former members, and potential members to help promote these horses.  I want to help plan and implement clinics and expositions to showcase our amazing horses.  I realize that the USMMA is a small organization made up of volunteers.  I have found the other member volunteers to be wonderful people with a common goal of promoting the Mangalarga Marchador in the US and Canada.
I love to volunteer for organizations that I am passionate about, and the USMMA is definitely one of these organizations.

My other passion is my work.  I am a physical therapist with my own business called Therapy First in Corpus Christi TX.


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