USMMA Videos out on Youtube

Dear USMMA Members:
In January, Randy Conilogue, our USMMA Registrar, volunteered for an important project.   To create a video show that would run on a large screen TV during the Mane Event the first weekend in April 2018.   He created 14 videos.    It was a great success!  Many USMMA members contributed new photos and we also used photos that we had in our archives and website from years past.


The result of this effort is also available for running on an iPad or computer by contacting Randy.    You can use the videos to showcase the breed at a booth or presentation.   At the Mane Event, we ran a continuous loop so there was always a beautiful Mangalarga Marchador on the screen.   It attracted a lot of attention and viewers.


Take a look!    We have created a youtube account and uploaded the videos there.   There are 14 videos with the photos grouped into categories.   We are also creating a playlist of other videos from Brazil that showcase the beauty and movement of the MM breed.
Thank you Randy, for such a great job.


Jeff Bosley
USMMA President


If you would like to share your newest photos, or if you have not yet contributed to our collection, here are the guidelines for submission:

Sending us photos for the USMMA website or videos:

  1. Horses need to be registered with the USMMA or the ABCCMM to be included in the video.

  2. Photos need to be high resolution and JPEG files. That is determined by the number of pixels and the size of the file. JPEG files should be at least 1M if they are truly high resolution.

  3. Photos should be labeled with the following information: USMMA Registration Name of the Marchador, Owner Name, Farm Name (if applicable), State or Province and Photographer credit (if applicable.)

  4. We would prefer photos to be a horizontal format. Showing vertical photos on a large screen TV is not as attractive. We would like to fill the screen.

  5. We would like to get photos of EVERY single Marchador in North America to be showcased in our video. However, the video producer, Randy Conilogue will decide if your submission can be used. We will make every effort to work with you to help you create or find photos of your horse that we can use.

  6. Please email photos to If you have a large number of files, you can use and just email the link to your photos to Randy.

  7. OPTIONAL – you can also send us video, but most video is not high enough quality to air on a large screen.