Marchador Quarterly Journal – Spring 2018!

Dear USMMA Members:
Enjoy your Spring edition of the USMMA Journal.    An additional highlight is the USMMA Annual Report also included with this edition.

One of the things we hope to do with this publication is to feature the diversification of how the Marchador is used with real life examples.  This Spring, we are featuring MM Events with help on how we might help you do more locally with your Marchadors.   Please remember that in addition to the SHOW KIT, the USMMA also offers a SHOW SUBSIDY of $250 once a quarter.   To apply, visit our website:
SUMMER-June 30:    
FALL: September 30 and 
WINTER: December 31.

Many thanks to all the members who submitted photos for us to use in the Mane Event videos that Randy Conilogue put together.   Randy is planning to make these available to all members in the near future.   You can keep submitting photos!   We use them on the website and here too, in the Journal.  

To send to Randy, our Registrar –

To send to me, Tresa, Journal Editor –

Happy Trails,
Tresa Smith, editor 
and Lynn Kelley, publisher