Letter from USMMA President Jeff Bosley

Greetings to all members!

I hope that you have renewed your membership for 2017 by now.   If you have, you may remember part of my member welcome letter that lists my goals for the year.  

 We had a rebuilding year in 2016 and are ready for 2017 to serve you.   I am planning the following for 2017:

  1. Reinstate our USMMA newsletter as a professional quarterly journal publication.
  2. Hold a USMMA clinic and horse show.
  3. Host regional events or get-togethers in 4 -5 regions.
  4. Help facilitate ABCCMM activities such as ABCCMM inspection visits and other joint activities.
  5. Hold elections for the new Board for 2018.

In support of my goals, we have several events coming up in April and May that we are hoping you can celebrate and get behind as we work to promote the Mangalarga Marchador..   Of course you have already heard from Alessandra about the USMMA Annual Clinic and Equitana event in October.   These other events are a little sooner, and we welcome your participation and enthusiasm.     

April/May  ABCCMM Inspection

As you may know, there is now an ABCCMM Inspector, Dr. George Vilar, who is in Florida many times during the year.    The cost and logistics for doing the Brazilian inspection and registration has just gotten easier!   Any ABCCMM member can request an ABCCMM inspection at any time.      ABCCMM inspection is not required for USMMA registration.   It is for breeders and owners who want to maintain dual registration for their Marchador horse – both the ABCCMM and the USMMA.

However, in an effort to save even more money, the USMMA will attempt to communicate all ABCCMM inspections.   If joining an already scheduled inspection helps you, then you can coordinate with the other members involved to make the arrangements for George to visit your farm and horses.

Summerwind Marchadors has requested ABCCMM foal inspection and it is scheduled for April 29th-April 30th weekend.   If you have Marchador foals or horses that need to be inspected, please contact Lynn Kelley lynnkelley@me.com and Dr. George can fly from Phoenix airport to your farm following that inspection before returning to Florida.   

May 26-28 Mane Event in Scottsadale Westworld  https://scottsdale.maneeventexpo.com

This is a well-run event in Canada and in 2017, they are putting on their first event in the U.S.   We were represented in Canada at one Mane Event and think it is a good opportunity to reach a bigger audience and all horse people!

We are planning to have a USMMA booth.   Any USMMA member business are welcome to display materials at the booth for a $50 contribution.    No sales materials are allowed; only information at a non-profit booth.    Efforts to organize this 3 day weekend event are being started now.   We may have an opportunity to speak their about the breed.   Riders are sought for participation in the clinics if you want to sign up (additional fees apply for boarding at Westworld).     

Please contact me, paboz24@gmail.com  if you are interested in volunteering to man the booth, or want to show your Marchador horses (additional fees apply for boarding) or have other ideas.

We will also post these events and news on the website and in our next quarterly Journal in April.   

Remember that there is a SHOW SUBSIDY FUND available to all members.    If you have a local event, or horse show where you are taking your horse, please apply for a grant from the USMMA to help defray the costs.


Jeffrey Bosley

USMMA President