Equitana Open Air October 2017

Email posted by Alessandra Deerinck, USMMA Secretary and 2017 Cliinc Chair
Dear Mangalarga Marchador owners,

Horses are a big part of our life, and our breed has so many great traits that make horsemanship into a great passion, not just a gentle hobby.
It has been a year full of activity for the BOD under the guidance of our President Jeff Bosley, and we have accomplished a lot of things aimed to benefit the membership and their horses, and to bring the Mangalarga Marchador breed to the attention of the American public.

Some of our 2016 members have not yet renewed their membership for the 2017 year, but I still would like to let everyone know about the 2017 USMMA event, in hope that you may decide to join us.
I have been assigned the task of organizing our yearly event. In my search I have found a very rare opportunity to bring our horses in front of one of the largest audiences in the equestrian world, but in order to make the best out of what I was able to create as the venue for our event, I need to know how many of you are interested.

We have the chance to hold our annual USMMA event at EQUITANA USA, a world-class equestrian trade show that is coming for the first time to the United States. This is an opportunity comparable to being present at Breyerfest last year, with the major difference that every USMMA member is invited to participate and enjoy the opportunity to be part of something important with their horses.

I have been working to write the program of a clinic/show that will see us in the arena at Galway Downs in Temecula CA, during the three days of the Open Air event. This is one of the four different venues that EQUITANA USA will feature during 2017 and 2018.
The USMMA is planning on having a booth where members that are interested, and will contribute to the expenses, will be able to display their material, and to be present, if they would like to volunteer to be part of the group that will run the booth. Everyone bringing horses will have to cover the expenses for their stalls.

A draft of the program is attached below, any idea will be considered and everyone is welcome to be part of this great event.

I will be calling each one of you to talk about your thoughts and see if you can join us at Equitana USA with your horses.

These links illustrate the event:



Please get back to me and let me know what you think about this great opportunity to let the American public see what a great breed we are bringing to our country. I look forward to reading your responses and to be a part of something great with all of you.


Alessandra Deerinck

USMMA Secretary

760 715 1554


What we may have:

1 hour time in the ring for the three days of the event (clinic)

Trails around the Temecula Wine Country (Cavalgada)

Stalls for our horses (horse owner will have to pay for stall fees on the days of the event).

Possible presentations:

Day 1

History of the breed, with emphasis on its versatility and how the gaits were developed and changed in time.

Day 2

Mechanics of the gaits in the Mangalarga Marchador

Day 3 Inspection demonstration.

Day 1, 2 and 3 A guided trail ride around the wine country, trails and length of the ride will be planned before the event, considering the possibility to visit different wineries and have lunch or dinner there.