2022 Election Candidates

Thank you to all the USMMA members who volunteered to run for election in October. We were pleased to announce there are 2 candidates running for almost every office in August; however as of this date, 2 candidates have removed their names from the ballots. Your votes will matter, so please get out and vote when the time comes.

The names are listed by office. Then each office has a link to their own page with all of the information submitted by the candidates running for that office as well as the job description and qualifications for each position.

For the office of USMMA President:

Ronald M. Knaack – and – Tia Nelson, DVM

For the office of USMMA Vice President:

Cathy Pierce

For the office of USMMA Treasurer:

Lynn Kelley

For the office of USMMA Secretary:

Irene Howcroft – and – Linda Holst