USMMA Vice President 2022

Job Description of Vice President: The Vice President will succeed the President in the event the President is unable to complete their full term of office for any reason. They will preside over meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President will preside over a given area of responsibility which the Board of Directors will propose. The Vice

President will also be the coordinator of and liaison with the Regional Directors as required.


I would like to volunteer to run for Vice President of our North American MMA.  I will send you my resume for consideration.

I have loved horses all my life.  I have owned horses since I was 16 years old.  I have owned many breeds of horses.  For the longest time, I have owned Arabians.  I currently own 2 Arabians-ages 33 and 22.  They are mother and daughter, and I have owned them for their entire lives.

My husband and I have been hosting foreign exchange students for 20 years.  Several years ago, we hosted a young man from Brazil.  He invited us to come to Brazil to visit, and ride his Mangalarga Marchadors.  We were able to do this, and we fell in love with these horses.  When we returned to the US, we started searching for Mangalarga Marchadors to purchase.  We have owned Mangalarga Marchadors for approx. 9 years.  Our herd of Marchadors has grown to 4 mares/fillies.  We have joined Summerwind Marchadors, and breed using frozen semen (mainly imported from Brazil, but also stallions in the USA).  We strive to breed quality horses with good conformation, great minds, and beauty.  This has been my dream opportunity-to breed wonderful horses and sell them to others who are passionate about the Mangalarga Marchador.

I have served as Vice President of our association for the past few years, and I would be happy to serve again.  I think we need to market our horses to new owners, and showcase our horses at a variety of competitions, activities, etc.  As Vice President, I want to work with the Regional Directors to plan activities in all districts where people can see our horses, and watch their gait, temperament, etc.  This should facilitate them purchasing horses, and joining our organization.

I have really enjoyed developing friendships with other MM owners in the US and Canada.  I am excited about the future of our horses, and I would be happy to help our organization as the Vice President.


Cathy Pierce