May 2015 President’s Letter

Dear USMMA Members,

Well, spring has finally arrived and for us the rainfall has been a blessing. The first time in years we have seen our ponds running over (tanks for you Texans). Seeing the national weather map it seems that most of the country are having good rains also. So I hope where ever you are, enjoy the spring.

Noticing on Facebook, I am seeing quite a few new Marchador foals and every one of them are beauties. We also have four new foals this year so far. Three fillies and one colt, a different combination than the last two years which has been more colts than fillies. Last year I was reading an article in one equine editorial. Mares whom are overweight would always have more colts than fillies. So I was thinking I would continue having an overabundance of colts since our mares never seem to miss a meal such as myself. Well maybe the article is not entirely correct for this year. We’ll see what happens next year.

Last month I made another visit to Brazil to see how the collection of embryos was progressing at CrioHorse clinic. Several Brazilian major breeders had their selected mares and stallions at CrioHorse usually a ratio of one stallion for fifteen mares from the breeder’s farms. This is just a generic ratio since they also use a lot of frozen semen and the physical presence for a stallion is not needed. The breeding season was starting to taper down and during my visit. They only had about seventy five donor mares at the clinic as opposed to a normal number of one hundred or more mares. Naturally it is always good to see a large selection of mares and there were several that really stood out from others from my view point of course the product from these mares and stallions is what really counts. There was a good assortment of colors and not as many greys as years pass.

The future for imported embryos from Brazil to North America is becoming more realistic now that USDA has given approval for the first shipment of embryos. There are still more formalities/protocols in Brazil to satisfy the regulatory authorities there before the first ever shipment of equine embryos to North America takes place. I and others in Brazil who are working very hard to make this happen are confident it will happen soon.

It was great to visit the ABCCMM office in Belo Horizonte seeing Fabio Vilela, Ricardo Xavier and many other good friends. Fabio and Ricardo were very helpful in sorting out ABCCMM registration issues with horses in North America that had been submitted by other members. He was able to finalize the permanent ABCCMM registration for one of my mares. As per Magdi Shaat, President ABCCMM, and Fabio Vilela, General Manager ABCCMM, they are still willing to work with Mangalarga Marchador owner’s in North America that have ABCCMM registration issues and each case will be handled

separately. An owner needs to collect all relevant information for a particular horse, pedigree history, DNA analysis, recent photos showing all sides and markings. I am available for any assistance needed since I am traveling to Brazil quite often and attending this year’s 34th National Expo in July. Lynn Kelley has also given a lot of help for others in the past and I am sure she will also be glad to help any Mangalarga Marchador owner to resolve registration issues.

In respect to the 34th National Exposition this year from July 15-25 in Belo Horizonte, I will be attending and look forward to seeing other USMMA members there. Last year the ABCCMM was very gracious in comping hotel rooms and a two day Mangalarga Marchador historic trip to myself and several other USMMA members during the 33 National Expo. This year ABCCMM are hosting the European Mangalarga Marchador members so at this time I have not had any confirmation for available complimentary hotel accommodations for USMMA members. I would not let hotel room cost to deter you from making the trip to the Expo and visiting Brazil. The exchange rate for Brazil Reals vs USD is 2.994 so now is an excellent time for Brazil travel.

So I am opening an invitation to all USMMA members and friends to attend the Expo with me and if there are members that would also like to make the Mangalarga Marchador historic tour. I am sure we can arrange that along with other trips to nearby Fazenda’s and historic areas. The trip last was great with members from Canada and USA and maybe a few of them will return. Next year travel to Brazil will be complicated by the 2016 Olympics and the exchange rate will probably not be as good. It would be excellent to have another great showing from the USMMA members attending the Expo this year and giving our support to the ABCCMM association and the Brazil Saddle Horse project, if you are interested in attending send me your information. The earlier we start planning for attending group. The trip will be a lasting memory.

I do not want to take away from other Mangalarga Marchador activities happening this year. Our annual clinic is scheduled for Labor Day weekend in Aiken, S.C., Jeff Bosley, Vice President USMMA, and other members assisting Jeff will be managing this great annual event. Looking forward to seeing a large USMMA member turn out for this clinic, more information will be forth coming soon. Another Mangalarga Marchador clinic is proposed to happen in Okanagan, BC, Canada August 9-12, 2015 organized by Dana Johnsen with Kate Barcelos, ABCCMM inspector, instructor and trainer of gaited horses. Dana already has several Marchador owners committed to the clinic. So we are also looking forward to seeing a good attendance for this clinic. There have already been smaller equine events with Mangalarga Marchadors such as Susan Current holding one in Virginia last month. In California, Jake Martinez attending “Fiesta of Spanish Horses” along with Deerinck Alessandra and many other events

there demonstrating their handsome Marchadors. Kendall Melline another Marchador owner has also been very active in presenting her Mangalarga Marchadors at events. Aline Greene is always out there in endurance competition with her Marchadors with very good results. I know there are many more of our members out there not only demonstrating the Mangalarga Marchador talents in flesh and then they have their smart phones out showing their photos to other equine interested persons. So thanks to all of you that are continuing to spread the word about our great horses the Mangalarga Marchador.

Our USMMA Board of Directors of eight has one opening now and another one will be available after first of year, if you would like to help us to keep the “Standard of Excellence” in this organization that was set from the founding members and has continued to this day. By working together we can continue to develop and take it to the next higher level. Please submit your name to me if interested and during our next board meeting we will have a vote for the next Board Member.

Enjoy your next Marchador ride and have a better tomorrow. Best Regards,
Rick Schatz