President’s Letter – Exciting Events in September and October!

Dear USMMA Members.


It has been an exciting time being on the front line as the USMMA representative, to the ABCCMM and APEX in their endeavors’ to increase the Mangalarga Marchador herd size in North America.

Our small USMMA member group that attended this years 33rd Mangalarga Marchador  Nacional Expo 2014, was greeted by open arms by all in Brazil.  Magdi Shaat, President ABCCMM, was a gracious host taking time out from his busy Expo schedule to greet and recognize each and everyone of us.  He was not alone in his hospitality.  The other ABCCMM members, Fabio Vilela, Ricardo Xavier, Jose Leandro, Alexandre Junqueira, were there from day one to make our trip unforgettable.  The Brazilian hospitality continued in each and every person we met at the Expo.  The same at every farm we visited. Everyone was very gracious and kind to us, being very unselfish in letting members ride their prized horses, showing their pride towards the Mangalarga Marchador breed and their ancestry.

 APEX and ABCCMM has made a large investment with the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) in North America and also in Brazil to promote the Mangalarga Marchador as the Brazil Saddle Horse.  The PBR will feature the Mangalarga Marchador at two events this year.  First one at Nashville, Tenn. on Sept. 5-6 and the 2nd at the PBR finals in Las Vegas, NV. Oct. 22-26.  The program in Nashville will include a introduction during the Sept. 5 event with a Brazilian rider and one Mangalarga Marchador horse as the MC describes the Brazil Saddle Horse qualities.  Sept. 6 event we will have a demo arena at the Bridgestone arena containing two horses that are available to interested attendees to ride or just become familiar with the Mangalarga Marchador temperament.  The Sept. 6 event will also include a mid-matinee performance as the previous day. For the members that have volunteered their horses for either or both events, the horses have been identified to the members in Brazil for their choice of selection  and none have been officially selected at this time.  There are two Brazilian trainers to arrive Aug. 28 to Aline Greene’s farm, to start their horse evaluation for the Nashville event.  I will keep all members that have submitted their horses for Nashville informed as the trainers progress in their selection.

On the same note, I would like to further extend an invitation to all members that might be interested in assisting at the events to help at the demo arena relaying to other interested persons why we love these horses.  APEX has given us a limited amount of tickets to the PBR events and these will be given out to the selected horses owners and remainder (first come first served) to members assisting with the demo booth.  I already have a few volunteers for the events but it would be nice to have a good showing from the USMMA members in support to APEX and ABCCMM Brazil Saddle Horse Promotion.

More information will come later for the Las Vegas event including horse selection and logistics for the event.

I have attached a video link to the 33rdExpo Nacional that has been aired on Brazil T That acknowledged the USMMA members from North America attending the event.


Best Regards,

Rick Schatz

USMMA President

Flying Oaks Ranch

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