ABCCMM/USMMA Zoom Meeting Planned

Cristiana Gutierrez, President of the ABCCMM, just concluded a successful 2022 National Exhibition of the Mangalarga Marchador in Brazil.  During the many days of competition, she met with our ABCCMM inspector and judge, Dr. George Vilar.

Cristiana would like to address the members and breeders of the Mangalarga Marchador in North America and is very supportive of our efforts to promote the breed here.

That ZOOM meeting is scheduled for August 18 at 9 a.m. MDT. (11 AM Eastern, 10 AM Central,  8 AM Pacific).  The invitation to the call will come out that week. Jeff Bosley, USMMA President will manage the logistics of the ZOOM call from the MT Cavalgada.   We will keep you updated if these plans change.

Besides being the ABCCMM President, Cristiana is also a great breeder achieving National Champion status many times. Her farm is Morada Nova. During the meeting between her and Dr. George Vilar, there was discussion and planning for an intensive course for our Marchador trainers to be held in Brazil in September 2023. It would further advance everyone’s knowledge if a number of trainers can participate.

The USMMA is a recognized “nucleo” of the ABCCMM, similar to a region in Brazil.

Cristiana Gutierrez, ABCCMM President