President’s letter – Clinic and Las Vegas Events


Dear USMMA Members,

We are fast approaching the fall season,  it is a welcomed time to enjoy the cooler weather and autumn colors.  The horses are starting to hair out as if they needed extra warmth in addition to the summer weight gain, but who am I to say anything.  I think I have also readied myself for winter.  

I hope most of you were able to get in the saddle this summer to enjoy life and your wonderful horses.  There was a lot of difficult weather to contend with this summer, which probably canceled many horse riding plans, so maybe we can catch up with our equine events this fall.  There are many different equine events available throughout North America this fall.  As Mangalarga Marchador owners, I am asking all members that can take the time,to be visible and participate in these events whatever they may be.  First off, have fun and enjoy your horses, while educating and introducing our unique breed to others that are not familiar with the breed.

More than likely, you have seen or heard about the Brazilian Saddle Horse Promotion supported by Apex (which is part of the Brazilian government that supports Brazilian products and  Brazilian businesses outside Brazil) and ABCCMM (the National Registry for Mangalarga Marchadors).  This project started last year when Apex and ABCCMM invited a Horse Illustrated journalist to visit Brazil and several Mangalarga Marchador farms.  The journalist had never traveled in South America and was not familiar with the horses.  The journalist’s article from her two week trip was published in Horse Illustrated May 2014 issue.  if you have not read this article let me know and I will send you a copy. 

The next Brazilian Saddle Horse promotion segment was last week’s Jack Daniels PBR event in Nashville, TN.  Three  Mangalarga Marchadors  were presented outside the Bridgestone Arena on Friday afternoon, September 05.  Then later, two Marchadors inside the PBR arena that evening.   Saturday evening another two Mangalarga Marchadors were presented again inside the PBR arena.  The horses were “Erva-Doce de Tesouro” mare owned by Aline Greene “Saint Horse Marchadores”,  “Irana das Aguas JM” mare, and “Imperador das Aguas JM” owned by Claudia Ney Bellandi.   

USMMA members, Bill and Ann Kambic, Jeff Bosley, Jim Funderburk & family, Karin and Tom Roberts, James Harvey, Hans Christensen, Aline Greene, and myself were there to assist Ricardo Xavier with passing out packets loaded with Horse Illustrated May issue, Mangalarga Marchador DVD’s, and pamphlets to interested persons.   We did not keep count, but it was very busy both days before the events, along with many interested people wanting to know more about the Mangalarga Marchador’s.

The next scheduled event for the Brazilian Saddle Horse Promotion will be at the PBR National Finals in Las Vegas from October 22-26.  PBR are furnishing a large arena on the Las Vegas strip across from the Luxor hotel.  That will be available to present a larger number of horses during the day prior to the PBR half-time events at the Thomas & Mack Center.  The schedule of activities for these horses in the outdoor arena is under review.

So let me get down to the main reason for this letter, besides trying to keep all members informed about USMMA & Mangalarga Marchador activities.  Our scheduled 2014 USMMA Clinic is to be held at the Horse Park, Las Vegas from October 20-22, the time is drawing near and I would like to encourage you as a USMMA member to participate if possible.  

This will be a one time event that coincides with the Brazilian Saddle Horse Promotion overlapping one day with the PBR event.  Naturally all members will be welcome to assist at the outside arena featuring the Mangalarga Marchador Horses during the day.  

I understand all the above may be a little over whelming, however Apex & ABCCMM have outlaid a large sum of money this year to make it happen. If we help them to make this year a success,  there is a good possibility  something similar will take place again next year.  It is a huge opportunity for all of us as Mangalarga Marchador owners to take advantage from this promotion.  It is not necessary monetary terms I am speaking about, but if you love this breed like most of us, what better chance is there to let other equine enthuses experience the Mangalarga Marchador breed also.

Please feel free to email or call with questions or comments. Your input is much appreciated. 

Showcasing the Mangalarga Marchador to the nation. Hoping to see you in Las Vegas. 

Rick Schatz USMMA President

Flying Oaks Ranch

Home- 1-580-269-2967

Cell-   1-580-761-5927