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WikiHorseWorld Pedigree System!

The USMMA has adopted Wiki as its official pedigree and
registration system replacing whose registration program had stopped functioning several months ago with no fix in sight.

WikiHorseWorld’s pedigree system is state-of-the-art and features interactive pedigree charts and unlimited
photos, videos, and details for every horse. 
 WikiHorseWorld software was provided at no cost to the USMMA.  However, the trade-off is that they will post ads on these pedigree pages.  We are still in development with them, but it is working today.  

The pedigree system is embedded into our website by clicking VIEW PEDIGREE under the REGISTRY tab.

On this screen will be a listing of all the horses in our database, including those in the background of our horses. 

On the right-hand side is a box where you can search by the name of the horse to get a specific horse, or by the gender to sell all stallions, or by association to see only USMMA horses etc.  We will be customizing this box over time so the selection
criteria fits better and we don’t see all breeds and all associations in the selection menu.

Now search for a horse that is in our database: Bossa Nova de Miami is one that shows what information is possible about your horse.

You should be able
to view Bossa Nova’s horse details, view the pedigree or print the pedigree.   You can also see her offspring
listed as well.   You can click on any horse in the pedigree to get more information (whatever we have)
on that horse.  

Because HorseManager
has stopped support, we will have to re-enter all of our horses.   We are starting immediately
beginning with horses with the letter A. While we have only 200+ Mangalarga Marchadors in North America, their pedigree information makes this a task of entering over 1200 horses!   Lynn Kelley, our current Registrar,  will be entering all history over the next three months.   Please be patient – all the information on your horse may not be there right away.  Check back often to see the progress!

Currently, WikiHorseWorld only allows the administrator (registrar) to enter data, but they are working on opening the system so that when you log in to, you will be able to add photos and videos on your horses.    For the initial loading of the database, we will upload at least one photo from    Once the feature is available that allows the owner to add or change photos, you can update your horse’s record. 

The registration process remains the same.  This system just replaces  The Registrar will
continue to enter the pedigree information, registration number and DNA.

Plans for the future include adding a Classified Ads section that works with this pedigree system so that you may list horses for sale and perhaps more horse-related items for sale.


    Member Login

This feature is fixed!

You can view the entire NAMARCHADOR website – ALL FEATURES, except for member directory WITHOUT signing in.   There are over 150 posts (our historical newsletters, press releases, the Importer articles and more) that have been moved from the old website

However, you do need to LOGIN to ADD a post and to VIEW our USMMA member directory.  On the MEMBER FORUM tab, you will see a different listing on the right-hand column.   It lists all post categories, recent posts and posts by date.  The largest typeface means that category has the most posts.   You can use this right-hand column to search for posts you are interested in.  This column should appear also on the MEMBER POSTS page, but does not.  That still needs to be fixed.  

To add a post or comment on a post, here is all you need to do:

On the website, under MEMBER FORUM, click on MEMBER POSTS.  All of the posts will appear and in the top right corner, there is a new menu bar.

New Post   Manage   Comments   Dashboard   Profile   Logout

Click on New Post.   New posts allow you to type in whatever you want.  In addition, you can attach pdf files, photos or videos into your posts.   You can also add comments to other posts that are entered.

If you want to add posts and have signed up on the website, but no longer remember your sign-on or password, please contact Lynn Kelley at until we announce a new website administrator.    And, if you have never signed in and need help, contact Lynn as well.

The member directory lists all of our members.  If you wish to be marked PRIVATE, so that your information cannot be viewed by other members, please let me know.   Currently, all records are public.   If you see a mistake in your information, you must also still contact us.  Right now, changing your PROFILE information does not change the member directory.

*Please note any new login will take 24-48 hours to be activated.


 Contact me

I hope you enjoy the new changes to our website!

John Kelley

President, USMMA

This email is being sent by our automated email blaster called AWEBER.COM and also directly to your email account because of the importance of it.   If you do not receive the email via AWEBER, please contact me, John Kelley at 


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