Legacy Marchadors host 1st MM clinic!

Kate Barcelos, clinic instructor riding Andante (Apple Pie de Miami)

We had a great, great Mangalarga Marchador clinic hosted by Legacy Marchadors over this past weekend, April 6-10.  The photo is Kate Barcelos, our Brazilian instructor riding Andante (Apple Pie de Miami) owned by Haras Lucero, TN.  Kate flew in from Brazil, assisted by USMMA member Aline Greene who translated Portuguese to English for us.

Kate’s credentials were many, but a few I remember are that she was the #2 dressage rider for all of South America, she is a vet, and she is the first woman technician approved by the ABCCMM to inspect Mangalarga Marchadors in gait and conformation.

We had classroom and riding time, learning with participants from FL, SC, TN, OK, AZ, TX, OR, IN, VA, NC, MO!  It was a success on so many levels!  Thank you Colin and Megan for all your hard work.   And thank you to Bill and Sandy, Rick and Karin for bringing additional Marchadors to ride.

The next MM clinic is already being discussed for March 2012 in Ocala, FL.  We hope to see you there!



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