Marchadors in the News!

The Marchador will be featured in several equine publications this fall. Pick up your copy or go online–Equine Journal, Going Gaited and Horse Gazette. During the summer months, the breed or one of our members appeared in the ABCCMM’s magazine, Mangalarga Marchador, Today’s Horse Trader and Equus. Attached as a pdf file is the collaborative…


With your 2010 or Lifetime membership, you will receive a free DVD, filmed during our 2008 USMMA clinic held in Montana. The DVD provides insight into the ABCCMM inspection process and the MM breed standards judged. Extra copies of the DVD are available for purchase too.  Contact the USMMA office.

1st USMMA Clinic Held

WHAT MAKES A MARCHADOR A MARCHADOR? The USMMA clinic was a smashing success in Montana last Memorial Day weekend despite inclement weather.  Dr. Getulio Vieira, an ABCCMM inspector for more than 20 years, taught the attendees and our 2 US vets in training about Mangalarga Marchador conformation and gait.  (Drs Tia Nelson and Hugh Rogers).…

The M Brand Trademark

USMMA PRESS RELEASE ABCCMM Protects their M Brand Trademark in the US On December 25th, the US Patent and Trademark Office awarded the Horseshoe M Brand Trademark in the U.S. to the ABCCMM, the Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador Association. The trademark is an M inside of a horseshoe. The M Brand is placed on the shoulder of an…

Conquistador features the Marchador!

See the fall/winter issue of Conquistador magazine for a great article about Marchadors on a working cattle ranch in MT. Tresa Smith of Montana Marchador writes about her favorite cattle horse, Tabatinga Monitor.