The M Brand Trademark


ABCCMM Protects their M Brand Trademark in the US

The ABCCMM Horseshoe M Brand on a Mangalarga Marchador horse

On December 25th, the US Patent and Trademark Office awarded the Horseshoe M Brand Trademark in the U.S. to the ABCCMM, the Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador Association. The trademark is an M inside of a horseshoe. The M Brand is placed on the shoulder of an inspected, approved Mangalarga Marchador horse. It is universally recognized as a symbol of quality and tradition for this Brazilian breed.

The Brazilian association, supported by members of the United States Mangalarga Marchador Association, filed for the trademark in 2004.   The trademark attorney for the ABCCMM was funded by USMMA members Tresa Vivian Smith, John J. Kelley and Linda Sheridan Kelley.  Previously there were rumors and reports circulated on websites and in magazines that certain individuals claimed ownership of the M brand and exclusivity of the Marchador  breed in the US.

The ABCCMM is the rightful owner of the trademark and the inspection process and now holds the US trademark to maintain the quality of the breed here as well. (Registration number 3358324).

“It is a wonderful day for the future of the Mangalarga Marchador in the US”, said Tresa Smith, President of the USMMA.  “We can be confident that the quality and value of the inspection process and the meaning of the M brand is preserved.”

The USMMA sponsored a Brazilian inspection process in 2005 where horses born in the US were inspected and branded. They plan to host another inspection in 2008.

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