USMMA Election 2022 UPDATE

To: USMMA Members
Re: Board of Directors Elections 2022 From: The Elections Committee

The Elections for the USMMA Board of Directors will be held on line October 1st through 31st. 2022. Positions are President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Qualifications. The USMMA By Laws state, “ To be considered for any Officer or Board Position, the individual must be an active Full member or LIFE member for at least 120 days before the elections, and be a USMMA registered Marchador owner at the time of the elections.” The Board also voted for a recent requirement stating any member running for President must be a member/breeder of the ABCCMM.

Being a board member is a great honor and a responsibility for the board represents the USMMA to the world. Individuals must have high ethical standards and be dedicated to working to uphold the mission of the USMMA.

The calendar is as follows:

June 1 Nominations Open: June 1 Nominations for the Board of Directors positions are now open and being accepted through July 2022. Individuals who wish to run for election and who meet board requirements are asked to submit their name, the position they are running for and a one page bio/statement of qualification. (This one page should be a statement of your qualifications as required by USMMA rules and should address such things as the position you are running for, why you feel uniquely qualified for this position, your previous USMMA activities, your plans for the USMMA)

August: The USMMA Secretary will post the nomination applications on line for USMMA Members to Review.

October: USMMA members will be asked to vote on line for the board positions. The Board of Elections and President will review the results of on line elections on October 31.

November l, 2022: Announcement of New Board

The nomination applications should be submitted to all members of the Election Committee: John Kelley Bill Kambic and Tresa Smith

Please see below the description of the specific responsibilities for each position of the USMMA Board of Directors.

USMMA Board of Directors Responsibilities

President: The President will be the main representative of the USMMA and its primary spokesperson. All contacts and questions should first be addressed to the President who in turn may consult with the appropriate Director. The President is responsible for holding an annual meeting of the membership. The President will be the presiding officer at the Board of Directors meetings, running meetings according to Roberts Rules of Orders and will be responsible for setting meetings and meeting agendas. The President will have overall responsibility to oversee and to review the work of all Directors in achieving the goals of the USMMA. The President will sign all official documents of the USMMA. The President along with the Treasurer will have authority to sign checks. The President along with the Treasurer will develop and present an annual USMMA budget for review by the Board of Directors. The President working with the Secretary will make certain the USMMA Trademarks which have been acquired are kept current with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and work with the President of the ABCCMM to keep its trademark the Horseshoe M Brand current. The President will be the principle liaison with the ABCCMM in Brazil and other international Mangalarga Marchador organizations. The USMMA is now an official NUCELO of the ABCCMM. It is required that the President of the USMMA be a current full member of the ABCCMM so they can be the primary contact of the ABCCMM’s nucleus project.

Vice President: The Vice President will succeed the President in the event the President is unable to complete their full term of office for any reason. They will preside over meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President will preside over a given area of responsibility which the Board of Directors will propose. The Vice President will also be the coordinator of and liaison with the Regional Directors as required.

Treasurer: The Treasurer is the officer entrusted with the custody of the organization’s funds which are spent only by authority of the USMMA Board of Directors or as the bylaws provide. This includes keeping careful records of all receipts. It is the Treasurer’s responsibility to maintain the USMMA bank account, to bill and collect dues from members. The Treasurers annual duties include preparing the Treasurer’s Reports for meetings, working with the President on the Annual budget and preparing the Annual Report for the State of Arizona, and the IRS. The Treasurer is also in charge of the annual membership drive and handles the insurance for the association. The Treasurer along with the President will have authority to sign checks and such official documents of the USMMA as the President may direct. The Treasurer should be proficient in use of computers.

Secretary: The Secretary arranges notifications and logistics for board meetings, reads and takes minutes of the board meetings, and assists with voting for elections. The Secretary puts out the agenda for the board meetings based on the input of the President and board members. The Secretary serves as custodian of all USMMA official records. The Secretary keeps official records of the USMMA current and works with the web master to keep records up to date. (Such records may include minutes, the by-laws, operating rules, breed standards, membership roll names and addresses and e mails.) The Secretary may make the organizations records available to members in accordance with the Association rules. The Secretary should be responsible for publishing an annual calendar of events. The Secretary shall work closely and consult with the President on all documents. It is required that the secretary be proficient in use of computers.