Jingle Bell Horse Show

Rancho Linda Marchadores has worked with the show managers to add Mangalarga Marchadors! They would like to encourage everyone’s participation in order to expand the number of  Mangalarga Marchador horses showing at the Del Mar Jingle Bell Horse Show Dec. 9 – 12, 2021 at the Del Mar Fairgrounds along with American Saddlebreds, Morgans, Hackney Ponies, Friesians, Andalusian Horses and gaited breeds. 

Sponsored classes for Marchador participation are:

MM in hand  (Stallions & Mares in two different classes)
Halter open
Halter championship
OGB 2 gait open
OGB 2 gait championship
OGB 3 gait open
OGB 3 gait championship
Parade open
Parade championship

For more information on this upcoming event, see http://jinglebellhorseshow.com/ or contact Rancho Linda Marchadores.

Email dpulliam86@gmail.com or marchadorhorses@gmail.com.