USMMA Quarterly – Spring Journal

Enjoy your Spring edition of the USMMA Journal!  It’s out on ISSUU as an on-line publication.
In this edition:
  • 5 USMMA – Updates from the Office
  • 6 Save the Dates – August Montana Cavalgada & ABCCMM Inspection; November Equine Affaire
  • 8 Memorials – Frevo da Camaq, Rubia da Palmeira
  • 9  New Stallions, New Genetics from Brazil by Lynn Kelley
  • 12 Ask Tia!  Question about Choke in Horses by Tia Nelson
  • 15 Transfer Registration Form Info
  • 16 From the editor and publisher

For the Summer edition, we would like to feature the Marchador FOALS from 2019!

Please submit your MM photos! Please submit stories about your MMs!

Please send us questions for our resident vet, Dr. Tia Nelson or any of your USMMA board members!

To send in submissions, email the Journal Editor – Tresa,

Happy Trails,Tresa and Lynn