3 Marchadors enter 2017 Northwood Farms Challenge

The Northwood Farms Challenge was created to encourage and motivate horse owners and riders to get out with their horses in inclement weather – the first 12 weeks of winter, to be precise!    Starting with about 50 friends and acquaintances, it has grown into an international event with over 1000 participants.

The challenge is simple and the only winner is you and your horse.    12 weeks, 40 hours, 30 rides. 1 horse.  There is a Northwoods app that helps you log your time if you aren’t already using one.

While that may not sound challenging – it is when you have weather issues, bad footing and other wintertime problems like not being able to trailer to an indoor arena to ride.

Three Marchadors are in!   All greys and all youngsters – 3 and 4 years old!  Aria de los Cielos with Alessandra Deerinck, Gaia do Summerwind with Adrienne C. Scheck and Hawke do Summerwind with Lynn Kelley.

The group is very supportive and encouraging.   Of course, we three have a decided advantage living in CA and AZ.   We are not braving the snow, ice and frigid temperatures that some of the group is.

Look to join next year if you need some winter motivation!