Registry Update Project to Begin

USMMA Members and Mangalarga Marchdor Horse Owners will be contacted during September and October to help us  correct and update the USMMA Horse Registration Database.    We will be requesting and validating the horses’ information like color, sex, death, and ownership.   We will also be trying to collect in new photos.

Some of the information we have is taken at the time of registry.   We know that some horses change color, get gelded or change hands, but often these life events are not communicated to us.   Hence, the reason for the survey.

diego1USMMA Members Lynn Kelley and Tresa Smith will be conducting this survey along with our Registrar, Megan Fallwell.   We do not anticipate this project costing any dollars to complete.

We will be emailing each recorded owner the USMMA record on their horse or horses and asking them to complete the survey and correct information.
Please return the emails and surveys by November 1.