Marchador Article in the Summer AERC EXTRA

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Breed focus: Mangalarga Marchador

A horse with a different gear by Alessandra Deerinck

I am always open something new, and even more if it is about horses. Throughout my life I competed in jumping, flat racing, dressage and trail, and in 2009 I rode in my first endurance ride, a 50-mile ride in Warner Springs (Pacific Southwest Region) on an Arabian stallion. At the same time I was working with a client who needed a horse with a smooth gait because he had lost part of a leg in an accident. He loved trail riding, and in searching for a horse breed that suited him I came across the Mangalarga Marchador.


thumbNew.phpAlessandra Deerinck is the USMMA secretary and owner of HHSensing, horse training.