Marchador Article in the Summer AERC EXTRA

Click the link to read the article online. Here is the start! Breed focus: Mangalarga Marchador A horse with a different gear by Alessandra Deerinck I am always open something new, and even more if it is about horses. Throughout my life I competed in jumping, flat racing, dressage and trail, and in 2009…

July Newsletter

Click on the pdf file to read our member news! usmma news july 2015 In this issue: New board members Show subsidy award winner FOSH upcoming events  

Meet new Board Member Alessandra Deerinck

My name is Alessandra Deerinck, I own and operate HH Sensing, a horse training and horsemanship instruction operation out of San Marcos, California. In 2010 I experienced what it is to ride a Mangalarga Marchador, and it has added to my professional life. Since then I have worked on bringing this breed of horses to…

June 2015 Trail Rider Ad

Several Marchador breeders and the USMMA got together to put an ad into the June magazine which featured articles on how to select a trail horse. Here’s the final result.   Feel free to download and use. PDF File:  TTRM-USMMA-0615-proof4

Clinic Results from Jeff Bosley

I had a great time meeting everyone and learning a lot at the clinic!  For those of you who attended, please take a photo of your horse with his or her ribbon if he/she earned one.  AND please, write down 1 or 2 things you learned during the clinic!  It would really be great to…