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by Linda Holst, Rancho Linda Marchadores, Bonsall, CA.

Batuque de Miami, US born Mangalarga Marchador stallion made the June cover of the Horseman’s News!

This perfect cover photo with the Brazilian flag and American flag, immediately conveys that Marchadors are a Brazilian breed here! The pdf file of the article is attached below. The article was written to go with the photo and explains the registration relationship with ABCCMM and why these Brazilian inspections are important and undertaken by many North American breeders.

Daniel Pulliam, riding Batuque de Miami at the SCHC Labor Day Show, is a new USMMA member and breeder with Rancho Linda Marchadores. He orchestrated an even bigger Marchador showing with many other MM owners and breeders in December’s Jingle Bell Show. Their next event will be in July. All are welcome to show, help or just enjoy watching.

July 6-9  SCHC Santa Barbara National Show. Santa Barbara, CA   All breed horse show.  Earl Warren Showgrounds. For more SCHC information, visit Contact Daniel Pulliam 575-613-5148

Link to the magazine online CLICK HERE

Attached is a pdf file of the article as it appeared in Horseman’s News. We apologize, but the quality of the pdf is reduced to load it to our website. For the enhanced version of the file, please contact for the original and bigger file.