President’s Message – Thank you! USMMA Clinic!


A BIG thank you from USMMA President Rick Schatz

The 2014 USMMA Clinic was held at Horseman’s Park, in Las Vegas, Nevada October 20-23rd.  It was the first clinic held in a “destination location” and the logistics provided a lot of learning even before the clinic started.  We held the clinic in Las Vegas, so that we could have volunteers and members also participate in the PBR events for the Marchador sponsored by APEX/ABCCMM Brazil.  Because of that synergy, many members were also able to meet the PBR sponsors, ABCCMM representatives and more USMMA Members, their Marchador horses (4 Seasons, Lazy T, Bellandi Racing Stables) and the press from Horse and Rider covering the MM breed for an upcoming issue.

I would like to thank several USMMA Members for stepping up and taking on sometimes daunting assignments.   Jeff Bosley, USMMA VP and Clinic Coordinator.  Jeff was always there with a smile and “what can I do to help” attitude.  Much appreciated and a great job Jeff.   Jeff will be overseeing next year’s clinic too – held on the East Coast.  Lynn Kelley, USMMA Treasurer.  Lynn set up the budget, the insurance and handled sign-ups and fees.  With a slim budget, she also took a lot of photos to document the event when we decided hiring a photographer was not in the budget.  Laurie Klassen, USMMA Secretary, handled much of the communications about the clinic in the early stages of planning.    Karin Roberts, USMMA member, took on all the food and event planning like the awards dinner which was excellent!   Jim Hannah, USMMA member, took on arranging, coordinating and even providing additional horses for the trail ride.  Everyone loved the ride, Jim!   Aline Greene, USMMA member,  once again providing us with translation support and other help whenever we asked.

A special thank you to all that brought horses to the clinic: Jake Martinez and Theresa Longo, Bill and Sandy Dory and myself.  

Once there at the clinic, Rusty Parks, my trainer from Oklahoma was a welcome help to everyone, and always with a smile.   So many people volunteered to help during the clinic – everyone really was appreciated and made this event work out as a rewarding experience for all.

The ABCCMM, Brazil again contributed a fine instructor and great judge for the event:  Kate Barcelos and Tiago Garcia.  Thank you!

The USMMA financially subsidized the clinic and made it financially feasible.

USMMA members came from Alberta and British Columbia, Canada: Sandy and Bill Dory, Patty Horner, Blake Holtman, (AB) and Gena Rome (BC).

USMMA members came from coast to coast in the U.S.   From North Carolina, Jeff Bosley.   From South Carolina, Aline Greene.   From Missouri, Karin Roberts.   From Oklahoma, Rick Schatz and Rusty Parks.   From Texas, Cathy Pierce.  From Arizona, Lynn Kelley.   From Utah, Valarie Giacalone.  From Nevada, Jim Hannah and some of his friends.  From Montana, Tresa Smith.   From California, Linda Holst, Jake Martinez, Theresa Longo, Alessandra Deerinck and Kendall Melline. 

We are so fortunate to have such great members that love their Marchador horses!  We all had a good time meeting each other, learning from our experts and each other and seeing and riding new Marchadors that came to the clinic or for the PBR.

I hope you will enjoy the clinic photos, announcements and magazine articles as they are posted on the USMMA website.  I look forward to next year and meeting more members!

Sweet Flying Oaks Athena with owner Rick Schatz riding bareback.

Sweet Flying Oaks Athena with owner Rick Schatz riding bareback.