Brazil Trip 2014 – Invitation for the National MM Show!

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July 26 – August 3rd  See document for details!


You will participate in the biggest event of the breed, the Mangalarga Marchador National Exposition in Belo Horizonte.   During a ten day period, over 1500 horses, which are already champions in other expositions in different parts of the country, will be presented and judged. The finale is to name of the best of the best – the CHAMPION of each MARCHA, each age group, each sex and then the CHAMPION OF CHAMPIONS!   And YOU will be able to ride some of the horses there. Or you just observe the Marcha of the beautiful horses, make your own evaluation and guess which one will be the winner. Another thrilling part of the program is your participation in auctions, held at night, when some of the best horses are offered for sale to excited bidders.  Other activities will be planned during these days to meet the Marchador breeders at the show, visit some close-by farms and also some other tourist attractions – shopping and history.   

At the National Show

At the National Show