The USMMA/ABCCMM Montana Clinic 2013

A thank you from Montana Clinic Coordinator Tresa Smith.

Obrigada Brazil, Canada, USA,  Montana and Volunteers for an exceptional clinic.

The Montana Clinic was held at the Rea Ranch near Helena Montana, September 5-10 of 2013.   It was the largest gathering of Mangalarga Marchador horses ever in the U.S.  with 24 horses participating .   Altogether 40 Marchador enthusiasts turned out to ride, to learn, to help.

Ready to ride!   Montana Clinic, 2013.   Photo credit Lane Coulston

Ready to ride! Montana Clinic, 2013. Photo credit Lane Coulston

The ABCCMM Brazil sent its finest riders and judges to the Montana Clinic. Kate Barcelos shared her wonderful knowledge and riding talents by giving major demonstrations and lectures on the Marchadors gaits, and with her private lessons elevated students to a new level of riding conscience.  The ABCCMM flew their Director of Judges to the clinic to oversee the competition.  Tiago Resende Garcia worked with Montana’s Lori Silcher on the Sela de Ouro to produce its Long Distance Ride and Functional Horse Competition. Tiago, with his judgments and sense of humor, made understanding the Marchador fun as well as informative.

The USMMA financially subsidized the clinic and made it financially feasible.

USMMA members came from Canada with flag and four riders, Laurie and Don Klassen, Dana Johnson and Karen Holman.  These neighbors from the North pitched in and helped in every way possible to make the clinic work.

USMMA members came from the South ,  From  Florida,: Brooke and Faye Little: from South Carolina Aline Greene, from Texas: Cathy Pierce and from Southern  California., USMMA President Susan Gabriel. And Liz Tankersley came from Washington, D.C..  Great riders , great participants, now good friends.

USMMA members from   Montana  were the host committee. Montana provided Mangalarga Marchador Mounts  for the Clinic.  Even a non biased account would have to comment on the exceptional quality of the horses. Moreover, the Montana Committee: Lori Silcher, who coordinated the Sela de Ouro with Tiago,  Eliza Frazer, Chris Nielson,  Rox Rogers, Derek Brown, Dr. Tia Nelson,  and Kindle McCauley  worked really, really hard to make the clinic happen and succeed. As one person aptly noted, “Everyone had their oar in the water.”     I might note that there was an informal Montana committee as well of attendees who found themselves not just participating but helping :  Ann Damrow, Jodi, Cody Hill and  Lori Connor..

Official Volunteers made the clinic run smoothly.  Tom Sliter of Washington .D.C. and Kenton Rowe of Helena , Montana, came with their cameras to record the clinic for history and its participants. Lane and Linda Coulston, helped with horses, stalls  sound systems and meals,. John Connor did yeomen work of stall cleaning. Peter Silcher and Ross Damrow helped Derek Brown with the arena arrangements.  We also had a wonderful visitor/volunteer from Brazil, Ana Boareto who helped in every way.