Valentine’s Day Contest Winnners

Reported to Aline Greene, newsletter editor

1st place  Gayle Hamilton and MM Destiny do Summerwind, TX

Destiny do Summerwind and Gayle Hamilton, TX

I grew up with horses, but then when I turned 30, I joined the Foreign Service and started living overseas, so I could no longer own horses.  Luckily, in most of the countries where I lived, I could find horses to find, but it just wasn’t he same.

When I knew that I would be retiring from the State Dept, I started doing research.  I had grown up with Quarter Horses and Arabs, but due to back problems, I wanted a gaited horse and I wanted one that was unique.  I stumbled onto the Marchador and found Lynn and John Kelley.   They were awesome!  They answered my questions, provided photos and invited me to come visit anytime.  They were so proud of the breed and so welcoming to someone exploring the breed that I thought that if they were representational of owners, then count me in!  I have found over time that everyone I have encountered with the Marchador has been very friendly and proud of their breed.

Chanel de Miami with days old Destiny

I was still overseas, so decided to do the Future Foal.  Lynn provided me photos and info and I chose a mare.  Well, I got a colt, but really wanted a filly.  Another buyer got a filly, but wanted a colt, so we swapped!  I retired, bought some land and got ready and when Destiny was 8 months old, had her brought to Texas.  Unfortunately, because she is so pretty and was the baby here, everyone has spoiled her.   She is a “brat”, but I love her and as she gets older she is getting much better.

Destiny having fun as a youngster in TX

She is 3 years old now and I have been doing ground work with her.  She lunges with or without a saddle, has jumped a small obstacle and walked over a tarp.    She is smart, pretty (I love her elfin ears), and is a joy.  I can’t wait until I am able to ride her, which I hope will be later this year.  I am heading back to Africa to work for six months so will wait until I return.

She is my Destiny.

She is stretching to make 14.3H so hopefully the extra few months will allow her to get a little more growth.  I can’t thank Lynn and John enough for Destiny.  Sadly, her dam (Chanel de Miami) and baby sister were lost in 2011, so that makes her even more special to me.




2nd place Roni Keithcart and Marchwind Cobre

Marchwind Cobre on the trail in Oregon

Why we love our marchador.  Because he is………

  • fun,
  • smart,
  •  athletic,
  • sure footed,
  • brave,
  • dependable,
  • our endurance horse,
  • our mounted archery horse,
  • good playing with cows,
  • a lesson horse
  • on the team OHSET ( high school equestrian team),
  • with us horse camping,
  • and most importantly VERSATILE.

    Marchwind Cobre at a cow clinic