ABCCMM Inspection – our 3rd!

Jorge Ben de Lazy T, owner Kathy Friedman and Dr. Getulio Vieira

The ABCCMM Inspection Visit for 2010 has begun! Dr Getulio Tadeau Vieira arrived in the US from Brazil and begins his 10 day trip cross-country and into Canada today.   He will be joined in Montana by Dr Tia Nelson, a US vet in training to become an inspector.

This is the third inspection held for USMMA members who wish to dual register their Mangalarga Marchadors in Brazil with the ABCCMM. At age 3, the horses are inspected by an ABCCMM technician for conformation, gait and temperament.

A total of 12 horses are scheduled to be inspected in five states and one province.