First ABCCMM Inspection done outside of Brasil

Drs. Jose Eduardo Teves and Getulio Tadeau Vieira traveled to the US in early May to inspect U.S. born Marchador horses. USMMA members who are also members of the ABCCMM wanted to have their horses maintain Brazilian registry as well. The Brazilian association has strict guidelines and it inspects all horses for conformation, gait and temperment at age three before the horses are fully registered. They also inspected the U.S. born foals for “temporary” registration. The knowledge, history and tradition carried with the inspectors impressed all of the breeders they visited across the U.S. Together, the two men have over 47 years of experience with the Mangalarga Marchador. This is the first inspection done outside of the Marchador’s native country of Brazil.

Getulio, Felipe and Jose Eduardo - 2005 ABCCMM Inspection