The M Brand Trademark

USMMA PRESS RELEASE ABCCMM Protects their M Brand Trademark in the US On December 25th, the US Patent and Trademark Office awarded the Horseshoe M Brand Trademark in the U.S. to the ABCCMM, the Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador Association. The trademark is an M inside of a horseshoe. The M Brand is placed on the shoulder of an…

Tresa Smith assumes Presidency

Effective August 1st, Lynn Kelley, a founding member and President of the USMMA stepped down as President and Vice President, Tresa Smith, also a founding member of the association, assumed the role of President. Tresa is an owner, breeder and importer of Mangalarga Marchadors in Montana. She discovered the breed while working in Brazil during…

ABCCMM National Horse Show, Brazil

JULY 13-21 XXVI NATIONAL MANGALARGA MARCHADOR HORSE SHOW, Belo Horizonte, MG, Brasil The National Horse Show has the horses, the auctions, the shopping!  See past champions of the breed as well as the newer sport venues like pole bending, jumping and team penning. The showgrounds provide a great place to meet and talk with a huge number of Marchador…

Marchadors in Print

Read more about the Mangalarga Marchador in California Riding magazine, At a Gait – Equitrekking –

Brazil Trip Notes

Exotic Brazil! Four of our members (John Kelley, Lynn Kelley, Jay Bryan, Susan Bryan) traveled to Brazil in October. Their trip is documented in the USMMA newsletter and in this writeup which was also distributed in the newsletter.  Equitrekking is now a PBS travel documentary series shown around the world. Exotic Brazil!